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Rustic style denotes a look commonly associated with the country; with the simple, everyday characteristics of country life. This look does not have be unsophisticated; after all, simplicity and elegance go hand in hand. Rustic styles of architecture and furniture began to be popular in the early and middle 20th century, perhaps as a rejection of increased reliance on industrial, factory methods. This is a look that aims to fit into a natural or historical environment. Often, it relies on the use of natural building materials and rough, handmade items and furniture. 

Rustic style is perhaps best known for its emotional impact. Its old-time characteristics convey a nostalgic, warm feeling, perfect for creating a welcoming and comfortable home. Because of its inviting qualities, this is a style that works quite well in the kitchen, the room in the home that everyone seems to gravitate toward. Although there is certainly a trend toward colourful kitchens with metal surfaces, simple and rustic kitchens especially tend to conquer our hearts. What makes them so special? Rustic kitchens always have something unpretentious, cosy and natural about them. Nostalgia, country house charm and modernity meet here and give the room an impressive character. In this ideabook, we will show you how this look works in the projects of some of our experts.

The classic rustic kitchen

In this picture we see a rustic kitchen par excellence: how could they have made this space more perfectly rustic and rural? The use of wood here is subtle. The kitchen cabinet doors, although it is not immediately apparent, are actually made of wood and then painted dark green. The green fronts are framed with the warm tones of sand-coloured tiles, and the tiles continue on the ground, giving the whole room a welcoming feel. The natural stone tile floor also blends well with the wooden ceiling. 

The remaining furniture in this room adapts well to the quaint charm of the room, fulfilling all our ideals of a rustic kitchen. The table, with its country-style spindle legs, provides the perfect place to display woven baskets and other small items.

Another hallmark of the rustic look is having items that you use frequently at hand and on display. This allows function to become decoration, giving off an unpretentious, open feeling. Here, for example, the pots and pans are hanging from the ceiling where they can be easily reached for cooking up some hearty country food.

Harmony through contrast

Here we can see another example of how well wooden cabinets and details can fit together with traditional tiles. The bright white tiles, with their clean, minimalist vibe, are a wonderful contrast to the dark wood of the kitchen. To reduce further the cooling effect of the tiles, parts of the kitchen wall were also covered in the wood. 

This kitchen also demonstrates another element that is typically associated with rustic design: wood carving. The delicate engraving on the fan hood above the stove makes us think of the traditional handicraft of wood carving. Detail like this, along with accessories like the teapot and tureen set on the stove, creates a homey environment.

Combining different woods

Oak is the most popular type of wood when it comes to lining kitchens, but walnut and beech are also on the rise. If you are someone who thinks that every wooden kitchen looks the same, we are happy to convince you otherwise, because there are a variety of finishing and processing methods that can give this material multiple different looks. Limed oak, for example, is fast becoming a trend for our four walls. Treating the wood with limestones gives the grain a lightened, weathered finish, resulting in a slightly grey colour that suggests a history rich with memories. This kitchen takes advantage of the multiple styles of timber available, combining different colours and grains in Ideal for a kitchen with a strong character! 

This project also makes use of a mix of materials and colors to create a truly charming kitchen. Unusual tiles, a wooden ceiling, a massive dining table and a buffet of light wood make the space appear imaginative and, at the same time, cosy. The hanging lamps made of metal form a material contrast with the wood, but fit quite well with the industrial-styled lights on the right wall, blending harmoniously into the overall picture.

Recycled timber

rustic Kitchen by LIGNUM Möbelmanufaktur
LIGNUM Möbelmanufaktur

Natürliche Küche aus Altholz-Eiche

LIGNUM Möbelmanufaktur

Each piece of timber has its own history, a past that is particularly present in this room. This natural kitchen by Lignum Joinery is manufactured from recycled timber from the demolished barn of an old farm. By recycling we can awaken the ancient history of the wood and give it new life in our kitchen. The design of this kitchen is kept relatively simple, perfect for highlighting the natural beauty the timber holds.

Note that through the window of this kitchen, we can see the half timbered houses beyond, showing us that this kitchen matches the rustic architecture of the structures around it.

Simple and effective

If you are wary of using very dark timbers in the kitchen, you can still create a rustic look using lighter shades. What is most important is the design of the environment. The wooden beams on the ceiling in this example are probably most responsible for creating the scenic environment here, but the presentation of kitchen utensils and various fresh kitchen herbs strengthen our impression of a rustic kitchen.

Playing with colour

This kitchen, with its combination of dark and bright, yellow wood cabinets, encourages us to have the valour to play with colour!  Since the yellow also looks more like a dark ochre, the colours fit together very harmoniously and naturally. 

A dining table decorated with flowers complements the natural charm of the kitchen equipment. In addition, having the dining area located in the kitchen, instead of in a separate room, fits the casual, comfortable atmosphere of the rustic style.

Pure nature

  by werkhaus



When talking about rustic kitchens, we can not ignore this model! It would be hard to display a more direct relationship to nature than this kitchen does. A massive oak trunk was combined with a concrete counter top to create a one-of-a-kind design object for the kitchen. 

Did you know that solid wood may even be good for our air space? Wood has the ability to absorb moisture and release it again, a process that can be very beneficial to our lungs, especially in the dry winter months. In addition, wood has a natural germicidal effect, this is of course something desirable in the kitchen where we are preparing and dealing with food.

A mix of styles

In this image, we can see that you do not have to swear off all modern elements when decorating a rustic kitchen; even a steel countertop can fit with this style, adding some excitement and glamor. Another detail that differenciates this kitchen from what we normally think of when we recall something rustic is its colour scheme. While we tend to associate rustic with the browns and greens of a forest, this kitchen pulls off the look with a palette of bright white. However, if we look closely, we see that the white paint has been given that slightly weathered, chipped look that goes with rustic style. By using wooden furniture and details like this carved wood wall shelf, along with decorative accessories, plants and fresh flowers, you can create a special kitchen that is luxurious and rustic at the same time.

A mobile kitchen

Rustic kitchens need not always be large and spacious; even this small mobile model can give a rustic look to any size space. Modular manufacturing ensures that each part can be adapted to individual requirements, making this a piece of furniture that is both attractive and functional.

Minimal meets rustic

Reduced to a minimum, this simple kitchen model makes its distinctive rustic character all the more apparent! The wood used seems to hold a centuries-old history, which has here been brought into the modern era with a sink and flexible faucet. Decorated with a few fresh herbs and country style dishes, this antique-looking kitchen would breathe even more new life into the home. Granted, this is not a complete kitchen set up, but it is a very practical piece of furniture that is guaranteed to be an eye catcher in a rustic kitchen. With its combination of metal and wood, this table brings some modern pizzazz to a rustic kitchen. The wooden structure beneath the shelf can be used as storage space for wine, oil or vinegar.

In this ideabook, you have seen how varied and original a rustic kitchen can actually be. Even those who love minimalism and modern design need not reject rustic design outright: as we have seen, a few simple, well-thought elements are enough to bring the warmth of country design to your home. Feel free to experiment with some of these options and soon you will have this cosy, warm and homey style in your kitchen!

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