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9 sensational wooden gazebos

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A gazebo can create the perfect social setting in a home's garden. It has the potential to be the wow factor of a yard, setting a harmonious scene for gatherings with friends and family or just a focal point that highlights a lovely space.

Wooden gazebos come in many styles to match any backyard setting. Whether it be elegant, eclectic, traditional or modern, a gazebo will enhance its surroundings. These gorgeous examples are sure to inspire anyone who's hoping to improve their home and garden.

1. Elegant

Looking for a grand and elegant gazebo design? No need to look any further. This gorgeous wooden gazebo does the trick. It is created from a rich, reddish colored wood that stands out and looks bold. The structure is large and even though it takes up much space, it is not overwhelming. Instead it feels open and light. The corners of the structure have large, white drapes, which adds to the luxurious feel while also being practical.  Letting the drapes down is a perfect solution to create privacy and to make the gazebo feel more like the room in a house. Finally the roof is a clean, triangular design that looks modern and adds to the overall elegant look of the gazebo.

2. Substantial

This gorgeous wooden gazebo is the perfect addition for a lovely backyard dinner with friends and family. The gazebo is a large size, perfect for including large tables for all loved ones. The corners of the gazebo  have a unique design that adds character, it looks much like small ladders and adds an Asian vibe to the gazebo. Parts of the gazebo even have a short, designer fence that creates a more intimate atmosphere and makes the gazebo feel more personal, becoming the perfect outdoor accessory.

3. Red beams

The colour of this gorgeous wood gazebo is what truly makes it unique. The stain of the wood is a deep reddish brown colour, which definetly pops against the cool greys of the flooring as well as the greens of the garden. The structure is a large size and is a unique geometric shape which adds uniqueness and style. The gazebo is definetly eye catching and will stand out as a statement piece in any home garden.

4. Modern

This gorgeous wooden gazebo is perfect for anyone who is looking for a minimalist and modern feel.  The gazebo has a cool, sleek design with sharp, straight lines. The back has a wall panel, which closes it up just enough to make it feel personal and special. The sides are open like a tradional gazebo. The roof is also modern  as it is flat and slim. The light wood also lends itself to a modern, minimalist feel. Finally the simple furniture completes the look as a perfect addition to a sleek backyard.

5. Traditional

This gorgeous wooden gazebo uses the colour white to create a more traditional look and feel. This gazebo is on the smaller side, perfect for a gathering in the garden with a few friends on a sunny day. The gazebo has a hexagon shape which adds to the character. The white colour makes it stand out and pop against the greenery of the garden. Finally the gazebo has perfect built in benches and a matching table, making it a great place to be social with loved ones.

6. Natural

For an eclectic look, try going all natural. This wooden gazebo looks like it is one with nature, literally, out of the woods as it is made with natural, unfinished wood. The legs of the gazebo look like giant tree trunks, with wood that has its original colouring. In total 6 wooden legs hold up the structure, which is really a grand gazebo size. The roof too looks natural as it is made from the same natural wood beams, along with prices of wood crossed together to make up the roof. The gazebo is the perfect size to hold a large table, as well as outdoor appliances to host a lovely summer dinner. This natural gazebo is a unique piece indeed.

7. Minimal

A private garden in West Hampstead, London Bowles & Wyer Eclectic style garden
Bowles & Wyer

A private garden in West Hampstead, London

Bowles & Wyer

This gorgeous wooden gazebo boasts a design that is so slim and sleek it is barely there. The gazebo is held up by a few slim beams on each side. The back of the gazebo has a boxed design, which adds a touch of style to the structure but still remains slim. The ceiling too adds to the lightness of this gazebo, as it reminds open and airy. The wood colour is light, perfect to create the zen like feel of this bright and airy garden.

8. Designer

Outdoor Living Pod, Louvered Roof Patio Canopy Installation in Reading. homify Modern garden

Outdoor Living Pod, Louvered Roof Patio Canopy Installation in Reading.


Created by the excellent Caribbean Blinds, this gazebo plays with dark colours and sleek, sharp lines. Its modern appearance is definitely eye catching and would be a focal point of any party or gathering.

9. Electic

RHS Cardiff 2015 Best4hedging Modern garden

RHS Cardiff 2015


This wooden gazebo is super unique and eclectic, perfect for anyone who wants something other than the ordinary. The beams are a dark wood  which stand out against the cool colours of the garden. The back and side truly makes this gazebo unique. They are made of a solid wood that has carved lines, creating a rich texture. Finally the roof too adds flair. It is a flat roof with a grass like covering, definetly creative. Overall this intricately designed eclectic wooden gazebo wins for the style award.

Which style of wooden gazebo is your favourite? Let us know in the comments, below.

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