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Photography has a universal language. It is an art that doesn't need a word for expression. While it is a simple expression captured through a child's random click, it is also limitlessly complex with a creative play of lights and colours painted on a canvas. With the technological revolution in photography, its popularity spread from photographer's cameras and exhibitions to decorate homes and offices.

When the tentacles of technology sneakily seeped into the creative field of wall décor, it led to the development of acoustic pictures. Acoustic pictures are gaining immense popularity among professional interior designers and sound engineers to soundproof the home, commercial space, offices and meeting rooms without moving a wall.

The ordinary pictures are transformed into acoustic art by printing them on high-quality silk photo paper with aluminium printing technology instead of ordinary photo paper. Apart from providing glazing shine, it also enhances its sound-absorbing quality. The pictures are then framed behind sound-absorbing acrylic sheets with panels and frames holding them. The innovative printing and framing technique improves the charm of the pictures and builds soundproofing for a better sound experience in an enclosed space.

Imaginations have no limit! But when we think of a port, the pictures that emerge are huge ships, giant containers, maybe filthy and busy ports, harbor cranes, dry docks, men at work… Isn't it? However, when you see the photographic expression of a regular port from the artistic eyes of artists and craftsmen of the Art Selbach in Hamburg, it will change your perception, leave you mesmerized and question your imagination. When combined with acoustic technology, their mesmerizing pictures create futuristic art pieces that decorate the walls and soundproof the space where it is hung. Have a look!

Majestic As It Looks

The grandness of the pictures lies in the double-exposure image with a ship inside a grand ship. The subtle combination of colours and the splash of water creates a perfect picture to decorate the grandeur of the board room. Its acoustic framing quality will be there to absorb the echo behind the closed door.

Reflections Of Colour

The colours of the sky, the container and the water in its different hues merge to create a calming picture, cancelling the noise of the busy ports and helping in sound absorption in offices, meeting rooms and even homes.

Playing With Colours And Exposure

The various hues of sunset orange with a touch of blue has turned an ordinary day in dry dock into an extraordinary picture to liven up the formal atmosphere of office or meeting rooms.

Delicate Touch To Heavy Machinery

The artistic touch to dry dock view has translated the look and feel of the heavy pieces of machinery at work into a delicate image drenched in intricate detailing. 

Skyline On The Sea

The beautiful reflection of the city skyline brings life to the picture, a philosophical reminiscence of bustling port city life beside the port. Steel, metal, wood, concrete, and water make a lively picture for a large conference room, decorating it and absorbing sound for its soundproofing.

A Night At The Port

The shine of harbor night and the reflection of lights playing on the water is beautifully captured to frame on the wall. The sparkle of the night light is enough to brighten up the white walls of the casual or formal office and to soundproof it at the same time with its innovative framing technology.

Vibrancy In A Rustic Décor

Adorn the mantlepiece and soundproof your rustic living room with vibrant maritime and art photography, a creative style to bring colours in rustic decor. So now, turn on the music and enjoy it with no apprehension or fear of disturbing the next-door neighbours.

Music In A Musical Room

It’s the sound experience that makes or breaks the impact of a music room. Why not soundproof your music room by decorating it with soundproofing pictures? The soothing touch of water in combination with vibrating music builds up a great experience in the room where music is being played while elevating the music experience through the sound-absorbing quality of pictures.

A Walk Through The Water

A captivating capture where the colours of the port machines and their beautiful reflection on silent waves under the dusky sky create a serene picture. The impressive art photography by Art Selback is a fine impression of paintings creating an illusion of a walk through the water with the machinery standing in honour. 

Bewildering Array Of Careful Confusion

The chaos, especially when a ship full of containers hits the port, is artistically expressed by the professional photographer in the captured image. It will become a conversation starter when decorating the wall of a board room. And then there is an added advantage of it being an acoustic soundproofing picture for the office wall.

Classic Charm Of Black and White Era

In a world full of colours, black and white pictures still hold their contagious charm and rustic elegance, especially in photographs. The serene stillness of the beautiful view of a ship on water taps the imagination to fill it with the colours of your imagination.

Majestic View Of A Ship

The picture of a ship floating on unruffled water fills the bustling office room with placid calmness. Hang in an informal board room, informal meeting room or anywhere in the office and on the large empty wall of your home, and it will adorn the wall with a calming feel of water, filled with colours while balancing the sound in an enclosed space.

Colours Of Water

If the sky could be pink, the water could take up the rainbow colours, at least in the imaginative world of artists. The ship, its colourful containers and the hazing exposure in the background build up an overwhelming picture, perfect for a large conference room to inspire with its magnificent grandeur.

An Evening In a Port City

Untouched by the neighbouring hustle-bustle, the philosophical representation of the calm port city skyline gets beautifully frozen and framed. Apart from the acoustic soundproofing of the picture, the stillness of life as it goes on will play a pivotal role in creating a quiet space, absorbing and cancelling the echoing noise. 

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