Modern Minimalist Decor Of A Stunning Rustic Italian Villa

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A fairy tale romance with a modern twist! The mystery of the past predicts the modern tale to give the beautiful rustic charm of the countryside villa a modern minimalist makeover. The client’s desire to retain the authenticity of the farmhouse was fully honoured. Their wish for contemporary décor got fulfilled while renovating the house, making it a beautiful home through its interior decor, furniture and furnishing.

The home décor, styled in the philosophy of modern minimalism, reverberates in simplicity in form, detailing, color scheme, materials, and fluidity in space and an interior undeniably full of serenity and warmth. The décor speaks about the clarity of design philosophy elegantly, elevating the modernity of the furnishing and contributing to its contemporary style.

When furnishing and decorating the majestic farmhouse standing amidst the expansive green fields, the professional of BRUMMEL revisited the classic style of Marmolà to retain its rustic charm while retouching the décor with modern elegance. The designers beautifully blended the fine materials provided by the client with their creativity to give the décor an exquisite finishing. 

From the grand bird’s eyes view of the façade to the modern living room, dining room, casual family room, private bedroom, luxurious bathroom to the traditional spiral staircase connecting the floors, the past converges with the present here to weave a story. Let’s take a leisure walk through the exotic property to get inspired. Have a look!

Grandness Of The Exterior Façade

The white exterior walls with symmetrical French windows at regular intervals are traditional in the countryside home. The slanting brick-tiled slanting roof with white chimneys has a modern addition of a solar panel roof for green energy. In the combination of white boundary walls and iron gates, the entrance gate retains the rustic charm. The stone-tiled pathway leading to the house also leads to the blue garage doors that add a generous splash of color, complementing the greenery around the house.  

Sophisticated Elegance Of The Living Room

The luxury of the velvety blue couches with floral cushions thrown on them blends with the gold and beige hue of the walls, flooring tiles and the colossal TV unit cum showcase to build up an elegant living room décor. The sun widows on the slanting roof fill the room with ample natural light and a view of the sky from the comfort of the home.

Color Of The Musical Notes

Blue dominates the color chosen for the music room, thus adding to the calmness and relaxation expected of the musical notes. The world on the carpet, blue and white cabinets covering the walls, the blue of the sofas and the shine of blue on the glass of the windows creates a serene décor. The yellow lights seeping from the hidden source falling on the ceiling beams create an illusion of ripple of the roof.

Extravaganza Of The Dining Room

Decorated in the combination of white and blue, the décor of the dining room resonates extravaganza. A white round dining table with white upholstered chairs around it and two extra chairs near the windows waiting to be taken elevates the elegance of the décor. The blue wall-cladding is in sync with the dining room’s crockery unit framing the rustic fireplace. The chandelier is handcrafted by our expert glass masters.

Contemporary Design Of The Open Kitchen

The blue and white combination of the solid wood kitchen cabinet on the floor and wall gets a break with random glass cabinets and open shelves on the wall cabinet. The curve of the chandelier matches with the curvy design of the kitchen island and breakfast bar with high-chairs surrounding it. While the strong beams of the ceiling and the smoothness of the wooden floor merges the kitchen with the dining room, the designed tiles on the kitchen floor define the kitchen area.

Luxury Charm of The Beautiful Bedroom

Designed in the classic combination of wood and white, the bedroom dominated in white creates a serene space. The charm of white bedroom furniture and furnishing over wooden flooring is elevated by the white textured wall and the stencilled wooden false ceiling above the bed. The golden design on the headboard adds luxury to the bedroom décor.

Comfort Of The Walk-in Wardrobe

The expansive walk-in wardrobe with a colossal mirror fixed on wardrobe doors built up a perfect wardrobe to walk in. An island in the middle with drawers and open shelves creates comfortable storage for accessories. The L-shaped wardrobe designed along the walls with loft at the top has wooden swings and glass sliding doors that add stylish décor.   

Chic And Fashionable dressing Area

Engineered marble floor and wall tiles blend to lift the grandeur of the décor of the dressing area. The elegant white dressing table with intricately designed metal handles on the drawers, open glass shelves beside the shiny mirror that is made shinier by lights framing it looks chic and a perfect style for the dressing area of the house.

Casual Décor Of The family Room

The minimalist style and the openness of the casual family with just enough furniture and minimalist furnishing build up a warm space for the family to get together. The glass doors of the cabinet and the French glass door connecting the indoor to the outdoor enhance the fluidity of the space.

Luxurious Bathroom Décor

This bathroom oozes luxury, basking in different shades of beige on the floor, walls, ceiling and bathroom furniture. The double-vanity long counter has closed cabinets at the bottom and open shelves on walls adjacent to the mirror. The glass shower doors separate the dry from the wet area. Small lights glitter the bathroom décor with its shine.

Bathroom With An Italian Touch

The monochromatic style bathroom but with a modern twist reflects the vibrant touch of the Italian design. Black and white self-designed tiles on the floor and walls merge with the bathroom furniture, furnishing and fixtures dominated in white, elevating the grace of the bathroom décor.

Comfort Of The Home Office

Wall to wall white cabinet with open shelves, glass doors on the part of it and rest closed wooden doors build up ample storage for home office. Black high, revolving chairs surround the white office table. A low cabinet with drawers on the adjacent wall creates extra storage space for the home. Wooden flooring and grey textured walls give the décor a modern touch.

Majestic Twist Of The Spiral Staircase

The spiral staircase is something a reminiscence from the past blended in the modern décor. The patterned tiles cover the walls of the enclosed staircase, while the rest of the walls are painted in beige with blue and wall cladding up to the waist height. The design of the carpet on the wooden floor matches with the console table placed over it. While the lights emancipating from the false ceiling are modern, the wall and table lamps are quite traditional in style and design.  Click here to contact us.

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