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Boudoir design is sensual, mature and dignified. This style is ornate and can include large furniture, decorative bedding, rich curtains, deep colours and more. Creating a boudoir bedroom can be simple with the right design ideas. By just adding the right textures, colours, and furniture, a bedroom can be transformed into a beautiful, mysterious, boudoir haven. These boudoir bedroom ideas will inspire anyone dreaming of the perfect lair.


This is the epitome of boudoir living. From the patterned curtains, to the textured walls, to the red bedding, this is what a boudoir bedroom should look like. The walls are black, with black velvet paneling. This creates a rich, deep texture that adds maturity to the room. The curtains are a bold red, with a floral pattern. They drape over a gold rod, which adds more luxury to the space. The chandelier becomes a focal point of the room, with its grand style dripping with elegance. Final touches of a zebra print rug, deep red bedding, and gold frames finish the grandiose and classic boudoir look.

Right accessories

An Eclectic Edwardian Home Heart Home magazine Classic style bedroom
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An Eclectic Edwardian Home

Heart Home magazine

Creating a boudoir look can be as easy as adding the right accessories.  Add a shelving unit with accessories that make a bedroom pop with boudoir style. The bright red purse gives off a very boudoir vibe, and the black beads draped over it makes it even more stylish. On the shelf above, there is a fascinator, decorated with black feathers and a black veil, which gives off a vintage look. A small jewelry chest sits next to it, with gold trimming. Jewels spill out from it, adding to the rich look. On the top shelf there are various items including perfumes, more jewelry and purses. All together this wall of accessories creates a great boudoir bedroom design.

All of the lights

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Private Residence in London


Lighting can make or break a room and it certainly has transformed this room into a spectacular space. The chandelier here is a major wow factor. It is the attention grabbing, focal point of the room and it certainly does not disappoint. It is extra large, and created with  what looks like hundreds of small lights. What makes this look even better is the wall of mirrors behind the bed. The mirrors are many pieces of square and rectangle cut outs. The light from the chandelier reflects off this wall of mirrors to create more light and a grander look. Finally, the extra large bed and the furry rug add to the boudoir look of this room.

Intricate bed

Create a boudoir bedroom look with a unique, intricate bed. This bed does the trick. It is nothing short of amazing, with plenty of wow factor. The headboard has a very unique shape that certainly creates a rich look. The bed then is tufted, which always is a luxurious look. It doesn't end there, the headboard is then rimmed with an intricate gold design. It is grand and full of life, adding much boudoir style. This bed is the focal point of the room, and further enhances the patterned wall paper and antique furnishings that all come together to create an effortless look.

Gold trim

What is more elegant, more grand, more boudoir than the colour gold? Not much. This bedroom, is trimmed in gold and it creates a gorgeous boudoir look.  To begin, the crown moulding is a gold pattern. It is eye catching and is the perfect frame for this bedroom. The gold trim is then picked up in the beautiful armoire. The piece is a solid black that is trimmed with gold. It has fancy gold feet, and gold handles. This unique piece is full of character. Finally the designer added a luxurious bed. The bed is tufted and trimmed with gold, picking up the gold from the rest of the room and overall coming together to create a chic boudoir bedroom.

Ornate seating

Chairs are very important accessories as they are both functional and can be packed with design. These chairs are the perfect addition for a boudoir designed room. The two matching chairs are deep and comfortable, with leather trim. Opposite these chairs is a smaller, vintage style chair that has a unique backing design. These three chairs add much personality, and are the perfect additions for s boudoir bedroom.

Unique bedding

A bed is often the focal point of a room. It can create the style direction of a space, so it is important to pay special attention to this super important piece. This bed creates a boudoir look in many ways. The bed itself is a grand piece of art. It's tufted headboard and intricate, carved legs create an elegant look. The bedding then, finishes off the style. With clean, white sheets and patterned throw pillows the look feels fresh and updated. The furry, chocolate cover adds texture and style, picking up chocolate colours from other points of the room. This proper bedding is a win for a boudoir bedroom. 

In the details

Victorian Townhouse Etons of Bath Classic style bedroom
Etons of Bath

Victorian Townhouse

Etons of Bath

Sometimes it's all in the details. The smallest touches can totally transform a look. For a boudoir bedroom, the right drapery can literally take the look from ordinary to extraordinary. These drapes are made of a rich, heavy fabric. Heavy fabric is a good look when it comes to boudoir style as it is super dramatic. The shade is a light steel colour, which has a sheen that makes it look more luxurious. There is a pretty floral pattern on the fabric, which adds texture and design. Finally the tie used to hold the drape is very rich and elegant, a beautiful rope fabric with the slightest texture that finishes off with a tassle. 

Full of texture

Master Bedroom homify Classic style bedroom

Master Bedroom


Playing with texture is a great way to create a boudoir look for a bedroom. This bedroom uses textured wall paper to create the look. The wall  paper is a light lilac colour, with a sheen that makes it stand out more. There is a floral pattern  on the wall paper that gives it a very grand and luxurious look. This colour is picked up on the drapes, which are a heavy fabric and have a large floral print. The white bordered antique mirror adds more texture, as does the bedding which consists of various colours that flow well with the lilac wall. Texture is a win for this boudoir bedroom.

Designer wall

Georgian Country House Etons of Bath Classic style bedroom
Etons of Bath

Georgian Country House

Etons of Bath

Crown moulding certainly makes a room feel elegant and rich. Adding more details further enhances this look and if desired, can create boudoir design. The details on this wall are perfect for integrating into a boudoir bedroom. The white crown moulding creates standard, elegant design. Beneath that though is a really sweet, lovely design that looks like small ribbons looped with each set. It is a detailed pattern, that stands out against the light blue colour of the wall and certainly adds unique, boudoir design. This would certainly pick up on grand drapes as the pattern looks a bit like drapes itself. Finally, the texture of the wall continues, with more moulding that is continued throughout the wall. This wall is anything but standard, and would add great style to a boudoir bedroom. 

Which is your favourite boudoir bedroom feature? Let us know in the comments, below.

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