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10 enlightening ways to cheer up a small windowless bathroom

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Those of us who do not get to design and build our own houses (which is nearly all of us) must make do with what we can find and afford. And sometimes that fabulous house with the amazing terrace and beautiful garden has one or two drawbacks – like a small, windowless bathroom that puts a dark and boring spin on bath time. 

The great news is that you do not need a window to add character and interest to that tiny bathroom. You just need some creativity – or a homify article, such as this one…

1. Shining and reflecting

If you have the wall space, then by all means add another mirror (or a few). A gallery of smaller mirrors can be a fantastic effect in a small bathroom.

But don’t hang mirrors across from each other, as it will result in that weird infinity mirror effect.

2. Bring in some plants

The right plants can make for a fantastic décor in any space, including that dark bathroom. And nature always finds a way, for plants whose natural habitat is a shadowy forest floor can blossom in very little light. 

Low-light tolerant plants include Heartleaf Philodendron, ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia), Red Aglaonema, Boston Fern, and the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum). Avoid succulents in the bathroom, as they won’t last long. 

homify hint: Treat your low-light bathroom plants to a ‘day out’ once a week by placing them in another room that catches a bit more light.

3. Lighting the right way

If you’re short on space, consider mounting wall lights onto the wall to add functional illumination without taking up counter/floor space. But make sure those lights are placed in the correct spots. 

Bright sconces must be at about eye level, casting light directly onto the face from the sides, not above – this is more flattering for everybody.

4. Add a stylish surprise

Don’t fret if you can’t rip out ugly, standard bathroom cabinets – tip the scales in your favour by adding an unexpected furniture piece (like a stool, tiny chair, or unusual accessory) to bring in lots of personality. 

Low-profile pieces with legs and open space underneath can make any room seem larger.

5. A clean, light colour

Painting a nice, light colour onto the floor, walls, and ceiling can dramatically increase the room’s visual size. Or for something more dramatic, add in a lot of glossy tiles to make your space expand with some shine. 

Be sure to check out homify’s extensive range of professional tilers.

6. Boost the colour and pattern

If you have the means to do it, then wrap your tiny bathroom in a bold wallpaper for a vigorous injection of pattern and colour. Eye-catching walls will make you forget all about that absent window. 

Just don’t go too dark with your choice of tones, as it can result in a cluttered effect.

7. Transparent space dividers

A small bathroom does not need any more solid walls, even for privacy purposes. Rather explore the range of textured glass, glass bricks, vertical blade screens, or metal mesh curtains as alternatives for internal dividers. These options have a sparkling clean look, allow light through, and reflect your artificial lighting.

8. Light accessories

Add some shimmer and shine with subtle reflections from your fixtures, sconces, and vanity with mirrored or stainless steel surfaces. 

Design styles like industrial and steampunk are trending, which means metals are making waves in bathroom design. That means that stainless steel, polished aluminium, brass, or copper bath you’ve been eyeing will definitely put the shine in bath time.

9. Distract them!

Daisy Chain Target Tiles BathroomDecoration
Target Tiles

Daisy Chain

Target Tiles

Move the focus away from the lack of light in your small bathroom by shifting the spotlight on colour, artwork, lighting, and accessories. Cheerful graphics on the walls, elegant wall decals, framed photos, a funky-shaped wall light… these can all grab and hold attention. 

Speaking of elegance,  you should check out these stylish ideas for: Living Room Accessories.

10. Keep it clean

Make sure your small bathroom is kept perfectly clean by removing damp towels immediately, drying your shower screen and basin after use, and minimising the clutter.

Musty odours add to that cave-like ambience, so be sure to spray it regularly with a cheerful scent, or opt for some scented candles.

Can you think of any other hints to light up a small bathroom? Add your comments below and share them with us!

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