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​9 inspiring ways to use mirrors to make your home feel bigger

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Buckland Crescent Living in Space Dressing roomMirrors
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Although most of us have no trouble picking out a spot for that mirror, most of us also don’t know that a mirror can be so much more than a piece of décor. If placed correctly, that mirror that you pose in front of can also reflect light and imitate angles of your house, meaning it can make your interiors look much more open and spacious. 

Yes, the mirror is a far more versatile furniture piece than you thought! And to aid us in our quest for visual spaciousness, we have collected these 9 tips to help you make magic with mirrors.

1. Create a gallery

'Rido' unique design surface sideboard homify Dining roomDressers & sideboards

'Rido' unique design surface sideboard


While you may love the idea of floor-to-ceiling mirrors, your budget may not be so keen. So, let’s go with plan B, then: smaller mirrors (found at discount prices and vintage stores) grouped together.

Paint all their frames the same colour, space them relatively close together on that desired wall, and enjoy an organised look without feeling cluttered.

2. Turn them sideways

Buckland Crescent Living in Space Dressing roomMirrors
Living in Space

Buckland Crescent

Living in Space

Turning a long, skinny mirror sideways (and hanging it on the wall or letting it lean against the wall on top of a side table) can instantly make any wall look longer.

3. Add one behind the stove

Yes, a mirror behind the stovetop is bound to gather some grease or dirt, but it’s not as if it’s difficult to wipe clean. Besides, the area behind the stovetop is generally a rather dark spot in the kitchen, which means a shiny mirror will help to bounce some light around.

Now you can practise your pout while cooking.

4. Add some shine to your cabinets

GILL Mirrors HORM.IT Living roomShelves

GILL Mirrors


Glue mirror tiles to your cabinet fronts to reflect the surroundings. You can opt for just the tops or the bottoms, but either way the added reflections and shine will drastically improve your space.

Although this is a great technique for the kitchen, it can be used in any room of your home. 

Speaking of kitchens, have you seen the gigantic range of expert kitchen planners here on homify?

5. Light up your dinner party

Dining Room homify Modern dining room

Dining Room


Copy those high-quality restaurants and place a mirror right next to your dining table. This allows for softer lighting to be used while still keeping the room light and bright (the magic of reflection). 

Not so fast – especially for you, we have some more: Dining Room Ideas.

6. A floor-length fantasy

Floor-length mirrors are fantastic ways to help make a room feel taller. The mirror’s long shape draws one’s vision upwards and carries it around the room, which makes the space feel brighter and lighter. 

Opt to place one behind a grouping of furniture, or out on its own for a stylish statement.

7. Just fake it

6 x Antique Mirrored Square Wall Tiles - Bevelled - 30cm x 30cm My Furniture Living roomSofas & armchairs
My Furniture

6 x Antique Mirrored Square Wall Tiles—Bevelled—30cm x 30cm

My Furniture

A wall packed with windows is not always a reality, so we make do with what we have. Try using small square mirrors tiled out to resemble a window, which gives the illusion of what you wish was there instead of what really is. It’s bound to be an eye-catching touch.

8. Make a beautiful backsplash

Instead of funky tiles, why not opt for a gleaming mirror surface to fill up that kitchen backsplash? A little reflection underneath those counters is bound to catch some of your kitchen lighting and spread it around the room.

9. Mirrored furniture

Boomtown side table Loaf Living roomSide tables & trays Glass Metallic/Silver

Boomtown side table


A furniture piece, such as a side table here or a table lamp there, coated in mirror is a sure-fire way to add shining style to your home. Those sleek surfaces will not only enhance your space, but add a touch of dazzle as well.

Where would you place mirrors to enhance your home’s style and size? Leave your comments below and tell us all about it...

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