Fresh and Sassy Garden Doors To Adorn Your Home and Garden Décor

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While lost in admiring the elegance of the house and its beautiful garden, we often lose our way somewhere between and fail to notice the humble door connecting them. However, the garden doors are not just a connecting or partitioning door of the two different worlds in our home- the man-made elegance in the interior and the abundance of nature’s beauty in the exterior. If the garden door is designed well, it completes the house, adding excellent characteristics and style. With a bit of detailing and a touch of creativity, it can make the home and the garden décor sing.

Garden doors have become a popular choice among the homeowners of the urban or country home, apartments, villas or cottages due to their low maintenance, attractive appeal, flush of natural light and generous flow of air that sweeps the home. The front door of the house is an introduction of the house for all to admire. But the garden doors are exclusively for the residents, protecting the privacy, freedom to step out in a secure haven, or to fill the freshness of the garden through open or closed doors.

So, the truth is that the garden doors holds a place of importance in your home and is as important as the front door. The professional door designers and joiners of REPAIR A SASH LTD know the importance and benefits of a perfect garden door and the difference it makes in the appearance and security of the home. They strive to give the garden doors a seamless fitting and flawless finish that blend with any type of window and home decor, incorporating an elegant style that becomes the focal point from the garden of the house. Their garden doors' stunning design stylishly connects the garden and enhances the home décor by bringing the outside in or taking the inside out. Let's open the beautiful bespoke doors to the garden and allow the ideas and inspirations to flow through it. Have a look!   

Peekaboo Garden Door Behind The Green Veil

The simplicity in design and the classy combination of solid wood and clear glass gives the garden door an elegant look. While the solid wood at the bottom of the door ensures privacy and isolation from the stranger’s stare, the glass panels on the top make a peek-a-boo garden door for a garden view. The vertical garden on the front wall and the dropping vine falling over the door complements the colour of the garden door.

Clarity Of The Clear Glass Garden Door

A casual, friendly garden door of glass and white wood flawlessly connects the garden to the house interior with its clear glass. Looking through the glass from either side of the door, you can always keep an eye on what you wish to see. The clear glass flushes the inside with ample natural light even when closed. The three metal hinges and the brass door handle elevates the stylishness hidden in the simplicity of the garden door design.

In Sync With The Exterior Wall and The Window

The classy wood and white garden door is in sync with the whiteness and style of the window pop up the elegance of the rustic industrial-style façade of the house. Framed in white, the half wood and half tinted glass garden door connects the garden with the house while protecting its privacy at the same time. The bespoke garden door with a small door at a perfect height creates a smooth passage for the house's pet.

Customised Arch Of The Wood and Glass Garden Door

The glass framed in white wood swing opens in pieces connecting the beautiful country garden from the house. The open brick wall, rustic pathway, the wrought iron garden furniture and the dense greenery surrounding the garden doors enhance the simple elegance of the French doors. Natural light will flush through the glass on the doors while you view the garden from the comfort of the living room of your suburban home. 

Attractiveness Of The Coloured Garden Door

The view through the dense garden door is impossible. But for extra security of the house, if you choose a solid wood door, splash it in scintillating blue or the colour of your choice. Customise the door with poster glass on top, allowing natural light to enter the home. The solid wood will surely help in complete isolation from the inside and outside world when sitting in your garden. However, be aware, it will take away the attention from the garden, no matter how beautiful it is. Cause the attractive colour will attract the curiosity to peep what’s behind the door or maybe your home will get a name-‘the house with a blue garden door.’

A View From The Garden Doors

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Venetian Sash window

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The bespoke French garden doors create a glass wall separating or perhaps connecting the garden from the kitchen and informal dining area of the house. The unobstructed view through the clear glass brings sufficient natural light and, when open, sweeps the house interior with fresh air. But above all. It’s the view of the garden that makes the day and even night.

Customised Garden Door To Connect The Balcony Garden

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Bespoke sash windows & balcony door

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In an apartment where the open garden spreads across the balcony, the garden doors of glass in combination with bespoke sash glass windows builds up a beautiful connection with the outside world. While the frosted glass at the bottom of the door secures privacy, the clear glass above the door flushes the interior with natural light and an uninterrupted view of the sky.

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