'Made In Italy' Classic Lighting Style Designed By Italian Designer For Inspiration

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‘Made in Italy’ is a statement in itself! It’s a sentence that speaks aloud about exclusive designs that have the power to embrace the sophisticated charm of the enchanting universe. The creativity of Italian dexterity is represented by intricate designs inspired by the past with an eye for the future. When the ‘made in Italy’ tag blends with the design conceptualized by Italian designer and blown and hand washed by Venetian craftsmen, the lights and lamps that get crafted blow us away. And when the genius of the Italian designers get inspired by the exclusiveness of ancient Japanese art, all we could expect from it is a dream come true.

Ikebana by Romani Saccani Associated Architects crafted by MULTIFORME LIGHTING is a series of decorative pendant lighting inspired by the Japanese art of flower arrangement. The minimalist style of Ikebana is stark different from the western style that exuberate luxury. It’s the philosophy that believes and follows in the theory of ‘less is more’ even when designing a luxurious décor. Taking a cue from ancient Japanese art, the professionals have crafted a masterpiece. The artistic simplicity of linear design of their pendant lighting with subtle floral beauty blown from Murano glass exudes classy charm. The refinement of Japanese art flawlessly merges with the Italian spirit and creative touch to appreciate art in its highest form.

Let’s get a glimpse of the pendant lamp inspired by Japanese minimalist art based on the harmony in nature with a glamourous touch of hand-blown Italian luxury to create a calming décor in your retreat. Have a look!

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Drawing inspiration from the sumptuous luxury of the Italian brand, the floral inspiration from Ikebana art, and the crafted by the skilled craftsmanship of Venetian artisans, the classy chandelier made from the Murano glass is nothing but drop-dead gorgeous. The golden hue of the blown glass of the vertically suspended pendant lighting glitters when the lights light up in the glass cups. The curves and twists of the slender stems of the flowers form a beautiful bouquet of lights. The stems of the flowers are connected to the base through the golden colour power cable to match the hue and elegance. Even the golden base of the pendant lamp is there, complementing the stylishness of the pendant lighting. They are strategically designed and positioned to complement each other and elevate the stylishness of the pendant design, entirely in sync and justifying its 'made in Italy' tag.

The glass pendant lighting, or rather an elegant chandelier, is designed to elevate the luxury of the décor with its presence. It represents the signature style of the designer and the excellent craftsmanship of the professionals. A cascade of glass flowers hand-blown by the master glassmaker in shades of pale pink, golden yellow, and pure crystal delicately falls from the ceiling with graceful elegance. The flowers placed at different heights bring drama into the design and freshness of imagination while replicating the Ikebana art.

Freshness of Glowing Flowers

A bouquet of delicate transparency of glass on the stems and petals of flowers blown to perfection has created a refined elegance from the simple glass. The sophisticated design of the fascinating flowers, opening up, spreading their petals in waves, is in sync with the curvature of the arms. The selection of the small LED lights, the counter cup at the base of each flower matching the curves of the petals, and every minute detailing comes together, enticing to appreciate the art in its pure form. The reality is that it is a designer’s dream crafted into an artistic masterpiece that got its shape in the form of the pendant lamp dropping from the ceiling. The closer you look, the more you wish to stare at the glamourous pendant lighting designs that emancipate sheer luxury.

Reflection Of Classiness

As close as we move to appreciate the artistic elegance of the glass pendant lamp designed by the Italian designer, we can think of the incredible craftsmanship of bespoke pendant light that can decorate any private or commercial space with elan. The deep cups of glass flowers with scalloped edges with the smooth crystal LED lights amidst flower petals face different directions to lighten the entire space with its delicate glow. The warmth of yellow LED lights twinkles to match the yellow straw's golden hue, giving the golden colour a deeper shade. The smoky pastel shade of the transparent glass taking us the golden hue of the yellow straw of the electrical cable makes up a vibrant bouquet combining to form a beautiful pendant lamp.

The statement masterpiece will surely set the romantic tone. Whether you wish to surprise with a sculptured elegance or draw the eyes upward to an unexpected splash of golden luxury reflecting with the glass, the glittery pendant lamp will bring extravagant opulence with its glow. 

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