A Stunning View Of Luxurious Upcoming Condominium Projects in Portugal

Pascal Millasseau Construction
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It’s a dream to holiday away from the English weather basking on some sunny side of the coastal city of the world. And if you have an opportunity to own a holiday home, it will be a reason to visit frequently without getting stuck in the rush of holiday seasons or waiting for the holidays. The stunning upcoming condominium project in south Portugal in a small town called Pataias by the sea is worthy of your attention.

The exquisite four homes amidst the pine forest that stretches to extensive sandy sea beaches and a lagoon nearby; it’s a luxury conceptualised, designed and under construction in the lap of nature. The construction is underway in a location perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation, away from the pace of life, quietly tucked in a sleepy town. You have plenty of opportunities in and around the condominium, like the beaches, biking and hiking trails, or just lying on the private swimming pool that comes with each home.

Are you curious to know more about the upcoming project by PASCAL MILLASSEAU CONSTRUCTION, the architects in Pataias, Portugal? Let’s scroll through the 3-D design to get a clear picture of what the finished condominium will look like, the construction work of which will start in early 2022. That’s the convenience of technology. You can see what is yet to be constructed from a faraway place to get a clear picture and idea of the project. Have a look!

3-D Bird’s Eye View Of The Stunning Project

The 3-D bird's eye of the view of the project plan gives us a clear picture of what to expect from the condominium. The one-floor high four individual condominiums have a private pool. The l-shape design of the houses ensures complete privacy while relaxing in or near the pool. Surrounded by the woods, the project's architecture is designed to merge with its surroundings, making it a part of a natural haven. The green spread in the front, backyard, and driveway shows the green footprint created for a relaxing home amidst the greenery. 

Tuck in a quiet corner, amidst the pine trees, near the Atlantic ocean with its enticing beaches, here’s the ground getting prepared to build the dream homes for a few lucky ones who will get the chance to live in the condominiums being built on this ground.

Chic And Contemporary Style Architecture

What’s attractive about the condominium design is a flawless attempt to blend it with natural surroundings, respecting the environment and bringing the natural beauty of the outside inside. The expansive green lawn complements the calmness of the turquoise blue swimming pool. The skylight on the smooth roof of each condominium brings a piece of sky and flushes the home interior with natural light where it is hard for the light to reach. 

Welcoming With An Open Arm

The openness of the architectural planning is quite welcoming like it's calling you with an open arm. The entrance area of the project is conceptualised and designed for a warm welcome and lots of open space to breathe as you watch the children running around. There is ample space for car parking, large boulders lining the pathway can double up to be natural seats to sit and relax. The modern and minimalist design of the open entrance area is already inviting and encouraging to walk and look at what's inside the beautiful condominiums.

Holiday By The Poolside

It’s a sheer luxury or an elegant way to redefine luxury with relaxation. The openness of the L-shaped condominium and expansive lawn beyond builds up luxurious space for relaxation around the pool to lounge, lazily basking in the sun on garden furniture or diving into the pool. Colossal glass walls will give you peace of mind even when you are in the house and children playing around the pool. You can keep an eye on them even when cooking in the kitchen.  

Modern With A Generous Splash Of Luxury

The condominium planned around the pool has a perfect orientation to grab the sun's warmth for maximum hours of the day through the colossal glass windows, walls and French doors. The professional contractor will use high-quality materials to build a high-end home with fine finishing in sync with its luxurious outdoors. The planning of the projects has emphasised the outdoors and revolves around it, thriving to weave it indoors so that you stay connected with the relaxed mood irrespective of where you are, in or out. And as the evening descends, the ambient lightings compete with the sparkle of the stars lit sky. Sit under the sky, beside the luxurious pool, or lie on the bed of the bedroom and enjoy the unobstructed view through the clear glass of your private holiday home. 

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