5 Reasons Why Majorca is the Best Island in Spain

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5 Reasons Why Majorca is the Best Island in Spain Caroline Nixon
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Are you planning a trip to Spain? Are you still trying to decide where you want to stay or where you want to start your trip? If so, our answer is Majorca! The rather famous island in Spain is by far one of the most beautiful and exciting places in Europe.

Why you should book a trip to Majorca?

If you haven’t been to Majorca yet, you probably don’t know what to expect of this island and therefore aren't sure if it is the right choice for you! Majorca is a lot of things, to some, it is a party island, to others it is full of adventure, it is even a great island for families. It is nearly impossible to sum up Majorca in only a few sentences. But basically, Majorca is what you want it to be. This island has a lot to offer, and according to most holidaymakers, it is a dream come true. You can book a hotel, an apartment, a villa, or a Finca, and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. The variety of different accommodations is quite impressive. The website holidu.co.uk shows the offers that will fit your needs. Here are 5 reasons why Majorca is the best island in Spain.

Are you still not sure if Majorca is the right choice for you? Then continue reading. We have 5 good reasons for you, why Majorca is the best Spanish island.

Perfect for parties

Majorca is THE party island! If you like to party all night, check out great bars and clubs, and dance to the most popular DJs, this island will definitely be the right choice for you! You can dance through the night and enjoy good company. People from all around the world love Majorca for its lavish parties!

Beautiful beaches

So, you can party all night and relax at the beach the next day. On this island, there are many stunning beaches, and the chances are good that you will find some beautiful beaches close to your accommodation. You can enjoy a refreshing dip in the ocean, bathe in the sun, and/or surf.

Remote spots

Yes, this island is one of the most popular islands globally, and it can get crowded, especially in high season, but if you are flexible, you can find some hidden gems. If you are around the central area, where all the hotels are, you will notice the busy beaches, but further away or even in the mountains, you will find barely any tourists.

Ideal for a road trip

Majorca is ideal for a road trip. Just rent a car and drive along the island. You will find so many hidden gems without even trying. This is the best way to discover the island, since it will give you the freedom to stop wherever you want. Especially if you travel with your family, this is a great way to get away from the craziness and just enjoy the beauty of this island.

Great restaurants

Since Majorca is a touristy island, you will find many excellent restaurants, bars, and cafés. Therefore, you don’t need to miss out on lavish meals and good coffee on your trip.

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