Beautiful Area Rug Designs By Italian Designers That Will Floor You

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The dream décor of your home is pulled together and uplifted with the elegant touch of the rug. Whether it's your living room, dining space, bedroom or even the bathroom, the selection of rug can make a big and bold statement, providing fineness and a feeling of completeness to the home décor. Choosing a perfect area rug is a challenge but not when you can choose from the classy creations from the designers of, online shops in Milan.

When it comes to designing and buying a rug, though we appreciate the fabric of the rug, what ultimately becomes the basis of selection is the designs and patterns of the rug. After all, rugs are accessories for your interior décor. With an eye on the patterns and inspiration from nature, the MissoniHome collection of has designed an absolutely fantastic line of rug that focuses on the energy and charm of air, water, earth and fire, the four elements of nature that drive the world. There is a philosophy in design. A story weaved in the rug and bounded by a theme creates an exciting atmosphere in the décor. When the forces of nature are decorating your home's floor in a rug, it conspires to bring positive energy to the home. Let's have a look at the amazing design of the rug to get ideas and inspiration.

The Breeziness Of The Air

The colour blocks and the different textures intertwine, giving a fresh breath of air and making the space lively. The sophisticated colour palettes of fresh and soothing shades framed in an earthy tone add breezy freshness to the décor. In fact, it’s the rug that glorifies the light atmosphere of the spacious room filled with natural light through a roomful of glass windows and doors. The minimalist décor with lots of open space filled with air gets elevated by the ethereal watercolour tiled fabric of different textures. It spells magic with the pastel colour dining table and pours a positive vibe into the dining room décor. 

The Splash Of water

The warmth of wood on the floor gets complimented by the round area rug weaved in different colours but dominated by the shade of aqua blue add mesmerizing beauty to the bedroom décor. The area rug blends with the bedroom's decor filled with the warmth of wood on the floor, a nightstand and an easy chair, the modern colour of the upholstered bed, and glass windows. The beautiful rug styled on the element water flawlessly accessories the room with its elegance. The rug's beauty is versatile to fit with any décor and comfortable moving it around.

An Abstract Attraction Of Water Element

The depth of watercolour, a story of blending blue tones with the natural colour of stones and life in water, gets elevated by the textured effect of the floral composition. The abstract patterns have a strong appeal while representing the waves on the rug. With a hint of black, the rug is full of the colour of life. The wavy pattern and the abstract art is what makes the round area rug extra attractive and a perfect accessory to make every nook and corner of your home lively and bright, drenched in positive energy and velvetiness of water element.

Earthy Tone Of The Textured Rug

The simple design and the earthy tone of the textured fabric of the rug are what makes it sophisticated. The self-design of the natural fabric adds warm cosiness to the décor wherever spread. The earthy tone of the rug helps blend the rug in any style and with all colour palettes of the room décor. Contrast it with a bright colour sofa or complement the neutral tone of your bedroom; the earthy rug will elevate the décor and become the resting place for the eyes.

The Elegance Of Geometrical Patterns

Constellation collection of the Italian designer is a story weaved in a rug, narrating joyful, creative chaos dominated by artistic geometrical patterns as 3D mosaics with colours deviating between the different hues of fire. The rug's design is an eclectic blend of creativity and stylishness that will effortlessly merge with the interior décor.  

Sizzling With Stylishness On The Floor

That's what the house's carpet is for… to sizzle the décor with its stylishness, elevating the elegance of the space with its presence, isn't it? Whether you use it to adorn the rustic décor of your home or to add sparkle in the modern minimalist style of your interior décor, the carpet inspired by the fire element will sizzle in your home décor.

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