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Dining tables for large families

Steph Mann Steph Mann
Seagrass, Polzeath, Cornwall The Bazeley Partnership Modern dining room
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Dining tables are one of the most functional pieces of furniture that you will invest in. Used day in and day out, accommodating everything from homework to dinner, every family member  will find use for it at some point during the course of a day.

Large dining room tables offer greater flexibility and are a necessity for a big family. Here we have chosen 10 different styles, from traditional to contemporary, so they can be beautiful as well as functional.


Quebec Way, Haggerston Rousseau Modern dining room

Quebec Way, Haggerston


Wood is such a well used material in all homes.  Here in this beautiful barn conversation, wood can be seen and felt throughout. Literally floor to ceiling, with exposed brick walls, it is stunning. The wood adds a real sense of warmth in such an open and large space. A wooden table is a given in a room like this, anything else would look out of place. It is a little smaller than the other we have seen so far, but it still sets a lot of people and has room—at either end—to add more. It is complimented by the minimalist white chairs, that just set off the wood wonderfully.


A very modern take on a kitchen diner is what Concept Eight Architects have done in this image. As part of the design, we can see that the entire kitchen is very sleek and modern, yet mixed with traditional element. The kitchen appliances, the ceiling lights and the cabinets are all very modern looking. The marble top, the parquet floor and the wooden table are all much more traditional looking. As a family space, it is perfect. This blend of new and old will transcend generations who will share this space. The table is very large and we can image it being used morning and night. Mixed with the low down and comfortable chairs, it is very welcoming.

Dinner for twelve

There will always be room for one more at this table. Seating 12, it is perfect for entertaining, dinner parties and just inviting the whole family over for a traditional Sunday roast dinner. The table is made of glass and wood, with the glass reflecting the beautiful chandelier light above it. Light fills this dining room wonderfully and the table isn't imposing at all, despite it's size.

Dine in style

Style is a very important part of dining. We go out to eat for the experience—as much as we go out for the food—so why not achieve the same at home? We adore this frosted glass table that is paired with the white chairs that surround it. The room is filled with white, and the the table adds a very welcome opaque shade of turquoise that helps break it up. The chairs look sumptuous and blend in effortlessly with the rest of the decor.

Minimalist appeal

When you want a dining room that is minimalist and simplistic, then this room is certainly something to draw inspiration from. The walls and lights are all minimalist in style, and the table follows suit. With straight lines throughout the room, everything feels contemporary, but it is made inviting with the flowers placed centrally on the table.

Elegant eating

If minimalist isn't quite the look you are after, then perhaps elegance is? This table has been dressed very stylishly and elegantly. From the chairs to the table itself, it shows how easily that 'eating out' experience can be achieved when you think about it. Seating 8 people, it is big enough for a family dinner or a dinner party with friends. With light filling the room from the patio doors and the sky light, it would be a delight to eat here on any evening.

Round table

Not all tables have to be long and rectangular, nor do they need to be modern and set against a white backdrop. This table is dark and the dining room walls are a lovely blue colour, which is highlighted with a white fireplace. The table is a perfect choice for a family. It can be used for so much more too, whether that's arts and crafts with the kids, or a games night with the guys. It could easily sit another 3 people, and no one would fight to be at the head of the table.

Dark into light

We do love the contrasts in this room. The light walls and the lights above the dining table help to open up this shared living room and dining room. The darker floor and furnishings really help bring the room to life and add a lot of character to it. The dark wood of the table really adds some contrast to the other bright colours and they all compliment each other really well.

Modern country

There are elements of this room that make us think it could be a country cottage. The low ceilings, the support beam, the farm style door and so on. But then we can easily see that it has a very modern looking decor and dining table. It is a beautiful table that is large and wide, offering seating for 8 people with ease. Country style dining has been brought into modern times here, and we think the combination works really well.

Real family home

Seagrass, Polzeath, Cornwall The Bazeley Partnership Modern dining room
The Bazeley Partnership

Seagrass, Polzeath, Cornwall

The Bazeley Partnership

Everything about this space is designed around lots of people sharing it. The kitchen is open plan, with a lovely breakfast bar. The dining table seats 10 people and is very modern looking, including the chairs. The overall design of this table is to seat a large amount of family or friends. The entire use of space here makes us want to sit and chat, share stories and just relax.

Do you have a large family? Or just like entertaining? Tell us which table you'd like in the comments, below!

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