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Not everyone likes a surprise but we think you'll all love these houses, each of which has a rather unusual addition that their façades might not give you a clue about. You might think you've seen it all, and that you can pick out the unique features that lie within, but we're willing you to be surprised nonetheless.

We're not going to give anything away, so why not take a look at the first picture of each home design and see if you can guess what it has that's perhaps not expected. Tell us how many you got right in the comments, we don't mind you bragging a little!

1. What a charming little house

This house definitely proves the point that you don't have to have a mansion to really live it up. 

What a wonderful, neat and perfectly proportional home this is and, with it's sweetly modern good looks, it really is a charmer.

However, we don't see much in the way of anything special… what on earth could it be hiding?

1. Well, hello secret pool!

Admit it, this is a shock!

We had no idea that such a small and neat little home could be hiding a luxury surprise like an all out amazing swimming pool in the back garden.

It's not even a small or understated installation either. It's full on 'look at me' incredible. You sneaky little house you!

2. Modern Art Deco delight

We think this house is a little surprising already, thanks to the smooth façade, interesting lines and super modern appearance.

That said, given how plain it is, we;re already suspicious about what it might contain. Will there be a basement disco? A hair salon? We can't wait to see… place your bets!

2. Who needs stairs?

Yes, you're seeing this right. There is a big slide where the stairs should be and we love it! 

We can't help thinking this must have put a huge smile on the faces of the interior design team when they were tasked with designing it, and we know the owners must absolutely love sliding down for breakfast!

3. Boxy but how brilliant is it?

First off, let us say that we think this house is already spectacular. The ultra modern lines, boxy design and stepped two-storey design are all driving us wild with jealousy.

We think we might look at this home and assume the interior had some cool surprises but, other than simply being beautifully decorated, what else could we anticipate?

3. It's an eco dream!

We would never have guessed that such a concrete masterpiece would be hiding a planted tree in the living room! 

Stretching up towards the light, this wonderful leafy green addition has added so much character and warmth to a sleek and considered interior. This is dreamy and such a fabulous surprise!

For another surprising home, check out: A Startling Surrey Home Renovation.

How many features did you guess correctly?

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