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As far as starter homes go this one might be a little grandiose. However, for those of you that have long dreamt of owning your first home, with a view to grabbing yourself a 'buy it and move in' property, we think something along these lines is absolutely perfect.

As far from what you might think new builds are like, here we see a specifically built home complete with all the luxury you could ever want and perfect finishes at every turn. Ready to get a little first home inspiration? Then let's go!

Wow factor

Some people hold negative connotations when it comes to new build housing estates but when the properties themselves have been designed by adventurous architects with a real eye for crafting a community, we think they're wonderful. Plus, they're such a great use of land space.

This large, red brick installation has notes of traditional architecture about it, which will help it avoid dating unflatteringly. And with flagstone paths, gentle landscaping and generous proportions, we think this is a fabulous way to get on the property ladder!

Luxury on tap

How would you like this to be the first living room that you ever owned? A far cry from what so many people start with, we think this is a luxury space that just oozes elegance and glamour right off the bat. The tasteful decorating is simply sublime.

Wood flooring really helps to lift the profile of this room, as does the café au lait colour scheme, and those super modern sofa… wow! A timeless space that has plenty of personality, we think you'd struggle not to invite people over every day.

Sleek and chic

Talk about a dream kitchen! Light, bright and wonderfully contemporary, it has a certain futuristic charm that's impossible to ignore, as well as being chock full of luxury materials. To begin with, just look at those marble floor tiles.

With an island in place, worktop space has been maximised in the best way possible, offering enough scope for amateur cooks all the way up to pro chefs to really flex their culinary skills. All those deep drawer storage options are amazing, meaning you'd never have a cluttered surface again!

Dreams are made of this

Firstly, this is a fantastic and generous bedroom but as an extra bonus we love that the modern trend for open plan design has been extended to this room. With no door or walls separating the bedroom from the en suite bathroom, this master boudoir really hits a gorgeous style note

Yet more high end colour schemes are at work here and, with statement lighting and clever use of mirrors, this space seems to extend into infinity despite the huge bed. Just imagine how wonderful it must be to get out of bed and simply skip to the shower. Dreamy!

So much more

En suite bathrooms can be a little disappointing at times but not here. Far from being a small room that simply has a functional suite and a shower, this bathroom has gone all out to offer luxury on a new level. Complete with a large bath and a shower, you'd never have to fight over the hot water in the morning again.

We love the continued use of neutral colour schemes as the house feels perfectly considered and so cohesive. What an absolute delight it must be to move into such a wonderfully decorated and ready to live in house!

For more new build inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: A New Build Home to Change Perceptions.

Would you like to live in this home? What personal stamps would you put on it? We'd love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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