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Before and After: The Heart-Stopping Home Renovation

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When it comes to dramatic home renovations and unbelievable before and after projects, we thought we'd seen it all. Oh, how wrong we were! You simply can't comprehend just what a huge overhaul was undertaken but when we say that a dilapidated old shack of a house has been turned into the ultimate testament to monolithic modernity, you'll start to get an idea.

The architects, house builders and garden landscapers who completed this project deserve a medal but don't simply take our word for it. Come take a look at what might be the most surprising renovation project that you've ever seen!

Before: Who would live in a house like this?

We don't think you need to go 'through the keyhole' to get a pretty clear picture of what a shabby and unloved house this is. There is nothing in the way of home comforts or pretty design additions and, all in all, it's in a very sorry state of disrepair.

The chimney looks bizarre, the render is crumbling off and dirty and the size of this house is modest, to be polite. If this was an Airbnb property, you'd get straight back on the plane and come home!

After: Hang on a minute

Goodbye horrid old shed that looked like something from a horror film. Hello huge, modern masterpiece! If you had any idea that the former home could be extended and transformed into something of this stature, you'd snap it up without a moment's thought, right?

Boxy, bright and chic, this new façade is not just the stuff of dreams, it's a living, breathing monument to all that is wonderful about creative architecture. The natural stonework elements also really add a nuance of individuality. Wow!

Before: Let's go out for dinner

Would you fancy sitting here for dinner, day after day? Us neither! There's nothing technically wrong with this room and it's a lot more usable than the exterior had us imagining but it's so drab, unfinished and mismatched that it hardly screams fun mealtimes.

It's almost as though this house was in limbo, waiting for an adventurous new owner to take it on and transform it. One thing's for sure, it was worth the wait…

After: How on earth is it possible?

Yes, this house has been radically extended and changed but it's still hard to fathom just how the inspiration for such a property could come from something so dank and uninteresting. We aren't going to question it too much though as what has been created is an absolute show-stopper of a home.

This new dining room is a far cry from what was here before, with nothing but chic lines, modern furniture and wide open, bright space. The room divide is also a stroke of genius, offering privacy but not blocked off areas. And those statement lights!

After: All the hard work is done

While the joy of owning a house is undeniable—regardless of how unfinished or imperfect it is—we don't know how much sleep you would have got in this home's former incarnation. The 'to do' list alone must have been enough to cause nightmares.

We think this glorious master bedroom is stunning. Thanks to as much natural light pouring in as possible and a fresh cream and chartreuse colour scheme, which is perfectly mirrored by the balcony plants, you'd never know that a dilapidated old shack once stood here.

After: The money shot

Well, the dining room is lovely, the bedroom is a roaring success and the exterior looks great but we've saved the best picture of this house for last. Now you can see the sheer luxury that is the rear garden. Fully enclosed, it made perfect sense to add in a super luxe pool but just look at all the other touches.

A picture perfect patio, subtle and classy landscaping and the attention to detail when it comes to the render finish all combine to make this a simply staggering transformation. We need to find an unloved shack of our own!

For more astounding transformation inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Before and After: Average Family House Adds Some Phwoar Factor.

Did you like the change? We love hearing from you so leave a comment and tell us what aspect of the project most appealed!

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