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Before and After: Grandma's OAP Home Becomes OMG!

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It's that time again. When you need to perfect your exacerbated eye-rolling skills in order to fully demonstrate your contempt for the before pictures we are about to show you! You'll really want to make a scene about this project as it changes miraculously from terrible and old fashioned into a wonderfully modern and pretty space that anyone would be glad to call home.

This is one of those projects that really shows how talented some interior design teams are and that their particular skill set is exceptionally special. If you think anyone can transform a home, let us show you around this drab-to-fab renovation and change your mind!

Before: Should have left it in the 70s

Oh, please! 70s fashion might be really in right now but when it comes to flares and strange colour combos, we think they are best left to wardrobe choices and not your interior design scheme. If you need any proof of that, just take a look at this awful living room.

Dark wood, overbearing units, mottled walls and naff wall plates really aren't helping to cheer up this gloomy and depressing room, are they? Let's all agree to say 'see ya' to 70s decorating!

After: Bang up to date

Woah! This living room has been brought right up-to-date with a fabulous neutral colour scheme and far more minimalist approach to decorating. We love that tasteful wall art has taken the place of those terrible plates, which dated the space no end.

The white walls have made this a far brighter and more contemporary room but it's the total lack of large, built-in storage that's had the biggest impact. Clean lines for a cool space.

Before/After: Disaster zone to divine

The before picture really looks like some sort of punishment hovel, don't you think? We can imagine naughty children getting sent to the horrid bedroom to think about what they've done. They certainly wouldn't be able to fall asleep in there, just look at those beds!

Transforming a dark spare room into a luxurious dressing space is a stroke of genius and, though there is still only one window, the use of more white paint has lifted the feel indescribably. What a treat to have a room dedicated to some 'me time'.

Before/After: Hell's kitchen to cooking up a treat

Kitchens might only be a functional room to some but can you actually imagine using the former version? It's so dark and depressing. We don't think it looks particularly clean or chic and the thought of slaving over the outdated stove for hours on end is a nightmare.

With a modern and fresh kitchen now in place, it's time to dig out the recipe books and commit to spending some time experimenting with your culinary skills. The lack of top cupboards helps to install a modern, open feel, which is perfect for transforming what was in place earlier.

Before/After: Argh to ahhhhhhh

As master bedrooms go, we think the previous style was low end and that almost gothic dark wooden headboard did nothing to promote happy dreams and easy rest. The size of the room was never the issue, it's the total lack of calm.

What a difference some light wood flooring, simple furniture and a layout change can make. Not a large room, this bedroom is huge in style and thanks to an airier and brighter decorating style, even the bed linen is more cheerful and fresh.

A total transformation from outdated to outrageously cool, we love the inspiration that this home offers. It goes to show that you don't need large rooms to make a great impression!

For more transformations that you'll love, take a look at this Ideabook: The Unrecognisable Terrace Transformation.

Did this project leave you wanting to reach for the white paint? What rooms in your home need a refresh? Let us know, below!

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