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Ever wondered what it takes to have a well-organized kitchen? Well I have some answers for you right here. You might be remodeling your house or even decorating a new space. Either way this article can be of help to you. You could either make some of these changes yourself or with the help of a service from a professional or a brand’s service. Let’s take a look at some ideas I have for you here!

A hidden pantry

Who wants to see all the little messy stuff outside? That's right! No one does.. So go ahead and male a closed door pantry and feel free to pack in a microwave and other storage items that you may like to put away.

Breakfast or kitchen trolleys

These are really the best. If you have less space in your kitchen and have a dining room close by, then look at a trolley for the purpose of keeping breakfast items and cutlery. You can also lunch or dinner and leave it close to the dining area.

Storage on the wall

One of the smartest forms of storage in a kitchen can be a wall space. Pots and pans can be very easily hung up, just as you see here.

A kitchen island

This is one of the best things to in vest in. A kitchen island can be used for smart storage and also doubles up as a breakfast or dining spot.

Plan your storage well

Dedicate a corner if you have the space and organise a space for cutlery, cookware, wine storage and pantry items. Keeping some of it open and some of it cased in glass can be a good idea so it is easy to find things when you need them.

Cabinet storage

Purchase shelves that go inside cabinets. This can be one of the smartest things you can do in order to organise your cookware and storage.

A pantry inside a cabinet

Sometimes we want to camouflage and go for an even neater look. In this case, we have a brown wooden cabinet forming the pantry, encased by white doors of the covering cabinet.

Drawer organising

One of the smartest inventions for kitchens could be these separators that are easily available online or in stores.

Organise your cutlery

Use cutlery separators to organise how you store your cutlery inside your drawers.


Use modern fridge ideas separating freezer space to make kitchen organising a breeze and a pleasure at the same time.

Two layered drawers

Try drawers like these that organise your items in the smartest way possible optimising storage space effectively.


Try a slide-in cutting board like this one to optimise space and build a smart kitchen space.

Vertical storage

Try storage box like shelves inside a vertical cabinet like this to make use of every inch of storage in your kitchen.

Smart furniture

Consider movable furniture like the stool and chairs you see here. A kitchen bar also works well as it can double up a s a bar when you are done cooking, and make entertaining easy in small kitchens.

Utilize window space One thing you can do to create more space is optimise a window space like this by decorating the niche in the wall and making the space seem much more comfortable.

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