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​10 Terraces To Boost Your Home’s Style

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Don’t you just love the terrace space? That fascinating little spot that is delightfully in-between inside and outside, providing you with the best of both worlds. In addition to adding more legroom, the terrace also presents opportunity for more functional activities, whether it’s relaxing, entertaining, eating, socialising…  

So, today we thought we’d spoil ourselves (and you) a little by taking a luxurious cruise through 10 amazing terraces, designed by the best of the architectural experts, of course. Each one of these is ready and waiting to host that ultimate get-together between you and the friends.

Get ready for some style and elegance…

1. Lighting up the garden

It’s time to host the bash of the season, and you’re in charge. The venue? How about this glamorous terrace which beauty seeps most elegantly into the adjoining garden space.

Beautiful seating, adequate dining area, dazzling glows of lighting, a perfect lawn, exterior bar, swimming pool… did we miss anything?

2. The beauty of the pergola

We all know just how far the right pergola can take an exterior area. So, how does this pergola with glass panes grab you to provide a bit of shade for that social hot-spot terrace? 

Come rain or shine, this covered space ensures the get-together can continue most splendidly, with a fresh dose of lawn and plants ensuring a lush, elegant backdrop of natural greens.

3. Ideal for the elegant gathering

You know those get-togethers that are slightly more elegant? This terrace was made for those, as elements like the dark marble, simplistic layouts, and dark timber shutters demand a certain amount of sophistication. 

But, of course, once the friends are seated on those fabulous stools underneath the dazzling downlighters, there’s no telling what kinds of conversation and laughter the champagne could lead to!

Not so fast, we’re not quite finished with this spot yet; sharing the open-plan layout with that glamorous bar is the seating- and dining areas (in a sexy grey colour palette), complete with a view of the sunset to accompany our gathering. 

Perfection? Our thoughts exactly…

4. A Mediterranean vibe

Sometimes you just want to add a nautical flavour to your home, whether it’s for the guest bedroom or the bathroom. In this case, the terrace is the lucky one, as crisp-white concrete surfaces, light timber, ocean blue colours, and charmingly patterned tiles exude a peaceful vibe that conjures up images of a Mediterranean beach.

5. Ready for red-hot fun

Whether you’re looking for a quiet relaxing evening with the loved one, or a noisy get-together with the mates, may we suggest this stylish space? 

Those bright red tones inject a warm and cosy touch into the atmosphere, with small mirrored tiles supremely enhancing the brightness.

The wall-mounted TV is on, the steak’s being grilled, and the drinks are poured – what more could we ask for?

6. Perfect for family time

Certain times are just more ideal for family get-togethers, like Sunday lunches. Well then, we think that this stylishly covered terrace, with its snow-whites and neutrals, is the perfect spot for some family bonding, on any day of the week. 

Throw some more logs on the fire, take a comfy seat, and wait for that braai to finish so we can all have a sit-down at that appealing timber dining spot.

7. The backyard get-together

Isn’t this covered terrace just ideal for the next bring-and-braai? The roof (with its curved shingles) provides fantastic shade from the hot sun. We can all enjoy the game on the wall-mounted TV, and then dig into our meals while seated at that stunning eight-seater round table.

Fancy another look at this terrace? Well then, feast your eyes on that bar area and exterior kitchen space, both of which will ensure that nobody goes hungry or thirsty while having fun at this socialising spot.

8. The perfect views

What good is an evening with the friends if there’s no view to enjoy? This terrace has nothing to worry about, as it envelopes the socialising area in a cool embrace of white and greys, while providing a stunning view of the evening sky for your visual pleasure. 

Notice how the minimum amount of patterns and textures are used here, adding more attention instead to the abundance of space and clean, open surfaces?

9. The one with cityscape surroundings

What do we think about this high-rise balcony with cityscape views? L-shaped modern seating with a splash of patterns and colours, built-in cooking areas, ample dining space, plus a touch of lush greenery to add a bit of freshness to this high-rise bash. 

This one’s definitely got our vote!

10. The exterior dining room

Sometimes you just want to relax around a table with good friends and good food. And sometimes you just want to do that outside.

Well then, this covered terrace has all the necessary ingredients for the ideal al fresco dining experience: table with seating, braai area, a fridge for the drinks, sufficient prepping space for a wide variety of dishes, and décor that inject a charming rustic vibe into the scene. 

Speaking of dining, have your seen our: Homify guide to choosing a great dining table?

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