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Situated in the Greenwich conversation area lies Cutting House, a studio sized home designed by E2 Architecture + Interiors. This intriguing and compact residence sits adjacent an old filled-in railway cutting, and takes advantage of the gap between a dilapidated brick cobbler's workshop and an access way to new homes. Due to its difficult location, the project involved demolishing the existing brick shed, and building a new wing for the bedroom. As privacy was a key concern, windows are situated high, providing views of the treetops, while keeping the living areas discreet. As lighting was an issue for the new abode, an internal courtyard was built, with all rooms facing onto this light and airy space. Moreover, roof lights and sun-pipes add additional illumination where required. 

This home is inventive, and makes the most of its compact plot. If you would like to take a gander inside this intriguing studio home, check out the images below, and get inspired to live big in a small home!

Cutting-edge design

Cutting house is the one bedroom courtyard home we are taking a look at today. Situated adjacent to an old filled-in railway cutting, the site carefully utilises space to create an interesting and intriguing property. From the curb we can see the dilapidated brick cobbler's workshop, which leads into the new house that has been built on the cutting. The exterior features an opening with a frosted glass name, and the dark blue painted door  works beautifully against the light yellow brick.

The interior

Moving into the interior of the home we are greeted with a bright and light ambience. This vantage is taken from the light well and interior courtyard that the home sits around. The internal finishes are simple, and include timber cladding and tiled floors, which are warm and low maintenance. Additionally, a high level of environmental performance was achieved using super-insulated prefabricated timber framing. 

Bespoke joinery

Throughout the compact home, bespoke and custom designed joinery has been used. Here in this dining/living/kitchen space, the joinery offers a place to hold media and entertainment, as well as being a highly useful storage area. The kitchen contains a matching panelled timber cabinet above the main cooking space, which looks as though it is part of the original home. The kitchen creates contrast using a charcoal high gloss veneer. The kitchen and living walls have been clad in a matching timber to create the feeling that the whole space is a piece of custom-made furniture. 

Compact yet spacious

From this angle we are given a great view of the entire living space and home. The entrance is situated to the right, and contrasts the white colour scheme with the dark blue hue. Although this is a studio home, the spaciousness is still impressive. With boundary issues on all surrounding walls, the solution to natural light was solved with an internal light well. The timber cladding is continued throughout the living spaces and lighting is installed in the crevice at the top of the walls, before reaching the sloped angle of the ceiling. 

A sumptuous sleeping space

Most studio homes do not have the luxury of a separate sleeping area, and often have to deal with an ultra compact multi-use space. In this instance, the bedroom is beautifully open with the rest of the home, but can be closed off with a door. The light well and courtyard sits against the bedroom, and can be made more private with large curtains. Furthermore, the upholstered bedhead helps to add an element of sumptuousness. 

A luxurious and practical light well

The light well is one of the best elements within this home. The architects were challenged with a difficult shaped plot, as well as boundary issues on every side of the home. In order to ensure the lack of windows would not be a problem, an interior courtyard was developed. This courtyard can be opened up fully using sliding glass doors, as well as offering a sleek outdoor dining and relaxing space. Flooding the home with fresh air and light, this studio dwelling would not be possible if not for this ingenious and thoughtful addition. 

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Studio living is often cramped and cloistered. Let us know if you enjoyed this spacious and well-designed home below!

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