Top 5 Projects of the Week: Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid to Summer Ready Homes

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The weekend is only 48 hours long so you've got to make the most of every moment. Here at homify we understand that there's no time to waste so here you go… it's our weekly Top 5.

Want to see all our most popular articles but can't be bothered to search the site and scroll through Facebook? No need! We've done all the hard work for you, so all you need do is relax and enjoy what's on offer, which includes: a look at the classic interior design pitfalls you simply must avoid; a stylish family home renovation in Manchester; easy home cleaning hacks; homes hiding shocking surprises and the golden tips to ensure your home is in tip top shape for summer.

We're excited and we've already read all the articles… enjoy!

1. Classic Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

There's a lot to be said for adopting a let and live approach and allowing people to express themselves in whatever way they want. However, when it comes to interior design there are a few blunders that you would do well to avoid. We've either seen them all or done them personally so, to save you time and effort, we compiled our top five design errors that you really don't want to make.

We don't all have access to a team of interior designers so, if you're leading the charge in your home and hoping to scale stylish new heights, see what pitfalls you can avoid!

2. Why Relocate When You Can Renovate?

Streamside Close, Timperley, Altrincham Capra Architects Classic style houses
Capra Architects

Streamside Close, Timperley, Altrincham

Capra Architects

As families frequently outgrow their domestic living spaces, the resulting and repeatedly inevitable move to a new locality can prove an unwelcome and inconvenient change. More often than not, children have begun school, made friends and are happy within their local community. So when the time comes for a larger and more practical residence, it can be prudent to extend the existing family home, rather than relocate.

With help from Capra Architects, that is exactly what this family did. We took a look at a stunningly extended and enlarged dwelling, which has been horizontally and vertically upgraded. The new floor that's been created allows for an opulent master suite, while the enlarged ground floor brings added living space to the home. 

Get inspired for your new home extension by taking a look at the interior of this lovely and large residence.

3. Easy Peasy Hacks to Keep Your Home Cleaner

Life is not just about living in a stylishly decorated house with beautiful furniture and striking decorative pieces – that elegant house doesn't do much for your image if it’s dirty and untidy. And once busy children are added to the mix, it becomes a near impossible task to keep that house looking spick and span. 

But help is here in the form of another insightful homify article, which brings only good news. And today’s blessed information is the following: if you keep up on the smaller tasks, the overall feel of your home will seem much cleaner and organised with the minimum amount of effort.  Thus, it’s the small, simple cleaning tasks that we focused upon.

4. These Homes Have Shocking Secrets to Share with You!

Not everyone likes a surprise, but we think you'll all love these houses, each of which has a rather unusual addition that their façades might not give you a clue about! You might think you've seen it all and that you can pick out the unique features that lie within, but we are willing to be you are surprised, nonetheless.

We're not going to give anything away, so why not take a look at the first picture of each home and see if you can guess what it has that is a shock. Remember to tell us how many you got right in the comments… we don't mind you bragging a little!

5. Golden Steps to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Rear Garden homify Modern balcony, veranda & terrace

Rear Garden


Summer might actually be making an appearance here in the UK so it's time to start thinking about how you can get your home warm weather ready. Don't worry, we don't expect you to totally overhaul your interior design scheme just for a few months (or should that be days?), we just mean that there are some great things you can do to really welcome summer and get the most out of it.

From getting your garden sunbathing-ready to adding some sunny touches to your interior, we came up with everything you need to really get the summer party started!

If you'd swipe right on this article then why not join us again, same time and place next week?

These articles were chosen by our dear readers but which was YOUR favourite? Leave a comment and share with us!

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