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Information About Aqua Bike Race

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Aquabike is a swim and bike combination race. It is a trimmed down triathlon, offering a competitive multisport solution for non-runners. Several tri-athletes were advised not to run due to chronic knee problems, and had to discontinue the sport. Aquabike was introduced to offer a way for these tri-athletes continue competing since there is no running involved. It is an experimental program which quickly became successful with huge participation.

Aquabike race distances can vary quite a bit, races are conducted in three distance formats, Olympic distance - 1 mile swim + 25 mile bike, Half Ironman distance - 1.2 mile swim + 56 mile bike, Ironman distance - 2.4 mile swim + 112 mile bike. The event was conceptualized by a member of USA Triathlon, Dean Petersen. The pilot Aquabike program began in 2005. It took a few years to take off, but by 2010 USAT had brought in a rankings program for Aquabike and by 2 years over three thousands of athletes were ranked. Those who are strong swimmers and cyclists will enjoy the challenge of Aquabike events. Both swimming and cycling are super resistance training options, and their low-impact nature makes them a good choice for almost anyone. Cycling is particularly good for developing leg muscle, while swimming is fantastic for building the shoulders and arms.

The equipment needed is same as in a thriathlon but no running stuff. For the swim, a wetsuit is advised as the open water can be cold even on warm days. Preferably wear a tri suit under wet suit, it is suitable to be worn when cycling too. A swimming cap is a good idea to protects hair and make athletes more streamlined as they move through the water. For the cycling leg, obviously needed a bike. Not only a bike but a good bike to ride comfortably and this is likely to be the biggest expense in this multi sport. A cycling helmet is a must, it is not only essential to keep safe, but it's mandatory and an athlete won't be allowed to ride without one.

Although  triathlon and duathlon races still feature more frequently in seasonal fixtures, aquabike is steadily building in prominence with races for both seasoned and amateur athletes.

The final word is the swimming pool competition. The winner receives the title of “Best Swimmer.” 토토사이트