Check Out These Top 7 Kitchen Trends in 2022

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With regard to smart design, the kitchen is now receiving the attention it deserves. Whether you are the proud owner of large home or a small apartment, everyone enjoys a stylish kitchen. A kitchen is a popular place for hosting family members, preparing meals, and perhaps even setting up a temporary workplace. To avoid making costly mistakes, think about the top kitchen trends for 2022 before you start any remodelling projects. Make the kitchen of your dreams a reality by drawing inspiration from these insights.

Patterned floor kitchen tiles

If the floor in your kitchen has to be replaced because it is old, now could be the right time to effect the change. After becoming a consistent favourite in previous years, patterned tiles are predicted to be in style in 2022. As you can see in the picture, the patterned floor tiles have added more elegance and style to the kitchen.

Veined marble

Although using marble in the kitchen is nothing new, this year will see a major uptick in the popularity of vein-centric slabs of the gorgeous stone. Because marble can be pricey, look into laminate options if you want the style but are on a tight budget. Although they might not be as prestigious as a traditional marble kitchen counter, you can now get excellent replicas that appear and occasionally even feel just like the genuine thing.

Open display or floating shelves

Yes, you read that right. Open display or floating shelves are now a common kitchen trend this year. They’ve been trending for a while now and it doesn’t look like this trend is going anytime soon. Instead of using only cabinets, kitchen planners opt for open display shelves and this adds style to the kitchen. 

Adding a pantry in the kitchen

A pantry offers multipurpose storage; everything from dried food items to kitchen utensils and appliances can be concealed inside a pantry. If you know how to organize a pantry well, this stylish yet practical storage option is a pretty easy way to make a cheerful, functional kitchen environment. While having a walk-in pantry that can function independently of the rest of the kitchen layout is the dream, your current kitchen plan might not allow for it due to numerous reasons. Incorporating a pantry inside your kitchen is now a popular trend in 2022 and if you are trying to conserve space in your home, this is one of the best options for you.

Making use of brass finish

The newest fashionable finish for all kitchen fixtures and fittings is brass; from taps to faucets, this finish adds a touch of luxury. The good news is that little changes can frequently make a significant effect because they are often the easiest to implement.

Kitchen floors with herringbone design

The popularity of herringbone and parquet floors is predicted to continue being a trend in 2022. Even in the most modern kitchens, it adds texture and warmth that no other material can match. Herringbone flooring is available in a variety of materials in addition to wood, such as porcelain and LVT.

Soft kitchen curves

More circular shapes will be used in the kitchen's corners starting in 2022 and continuing into the future. Because they emanate richness and sophistication, softer forms are seductive and enticing. In addition, they are more ergonomic and seem more natural in usage.

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What is your favourite kitchen trend in 2022?

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