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5 sparkling tips for spotless floors in your home

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Due to the ever-evolving world we live in, we have an abundance of flooring types to choose from when it comes to designing interior spaces. Whether you fancy a fabulous carpet, a stylish tile surface, a hardwood floor with a raw and sexy appeal, or something else, you are spoiled for choice in terms of design, colour, texture, and pattern. 

But with the sweet comes the sour – a beautiful floor needs to be maintained to keep it looking brand new, which involves regular cleaning. Depending on the severity of the dirt, a carpet can be treated to a range of options from a simple vacuuming to a more intense pressure washer, but how do we go about keeping other floors clean?

1. The wooden floor

Simple dust and debris can easily be cleaned off your precious wooden floors with some sweeping, as long as that broom of choice doesn’t damage the wood. 

And when it comes to spills? Water, some cleaning detergent, and a trusty mop is the way to go, but be sure that your soap is advisable for wooden surfaces. If you’re unsure, better test it out on a separate wooden spot beforehand to ensure that no staining occurs.

2. Laminate flooring

Definitely one of the easiest surfaces to keep clean, as long as you refrain from being too hard on it. Don’t opt for harsh scrubbing, as the tiniest scratch will ruin that beautiful floor.

The occasional vacuuming will do the trick, as well as a good mopping every two weeks (mix a little bit of cleaning vinegar into your soapy water for an extra shine). 

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3. When it comes to tiles

Speaking of easy… regardless of which type of tiles your floors are adorned with, nothing beats a little warm water and soap to keep them looking brand new. For really dirty surfaces and stains, a sponge or brush can be used instead of a mop, with a few drops of cleaning vinegar added to the water. 

Just be sure to tackle those spills as soon as possible.

4. Concrete floors

Don’t think that you can approach that gleaming concrete floor with just any cleaning product. Acidic products like vinegar can ruin the surface, resulting in a dull looking floor. Harsh cleaners that contain chlorine and ammonia are definitely a no go. And detergents with oily and fatty substances may result in ring-like spots on your concrete floor.

Mild soap and water is your best bet, applied to your floor with a soft yet sturdy mop.

5. The stone floor

First things first: stone is porous, meaning that the longer spills are allowed to sit on that surface, the more soaking up that stone is doing. This can lead to nearly-impossible-to-remove stains. 

Treat your stone floors to some soft sweeping at least twice a week – more important than for any other flooring surface. And when it becomes time for some decent cleaning, opt for a mop and a pH-neutral stone cleaner added to the water. Acids can etch the stone out and wear the grout down. 

But equally important: don’t let that stone floor air dry, as it can lead to water spots. Grab a few old towels and dry the floor by hand. It’s not the greatest fun you’ll ever have, but it certainly beats having to buff out water spots at a later stage. 

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Can you add any tips for keeping those floors spotless? We’d love to hear them, so please share with us in the comments...

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