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Before and After: Total Transformation of a Bathroom and Kitchen

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We feel as though we could write Shakespearean-style tragedies about some of the kitchens and bathrooms that we've seen. If we did, today's before pictures would certainly make an appearance! We simply can't understand why these functional spaces are left to fall into states of such sad disrepair or are decorated with no consideration for the size of the rooms.

We are about to inflict a sensory overload on you as cramped rooms have been made to feel even smaller with the use of horrendously patterned wall coverings and badly laid out storage. Don't say we didn't warn you… brace yourself!

Before: An assault on the eyes

This is something, isn't it? And we don't mean in a good way. It's hard to know what to focus on first but let's take a walk through all the wrongs in this kitchen.

Terrible, overly-patterned wall tiles make this room look cluttered and old fashioned, while mismatched furniture gives the impression of flagrant disregard for design. That extractor unit will give us nightmares and is that actually an orange blind? Help!

Before: The horror continues

Just when you thought it was safe to keep reading, we hit you with another angle of this terrifying kitchen before treating you to the calm of a post-transformation reveal. What can we say, sometimes we're mean and like to keep you on your toes.

You can now see the true horror of those wall tiles and how dated the cabinets are. Wood panel effect… are you kidding us? Guys, the 70s called and it doesn't want it's kitchen back!

After: Be still our beating hearts

Maybe that should have said palpitating hearts because we were in a state of panic after seeing the before pictures. This, however, is a wonderfully clean, bright and modern kitchen that would look great in any home and not just a mere improvement on what was there before.

The kitchen planners clearly knew what they doing, ensuring they didn't go from one extreme to another. The patterned hell hole wasn't left too bare but instead, now boasts a vibrant red splashback to keep it funky. Pale cabinets and a symmetrical layout have also made such a difference.

Before: Bloody hell!

There isn't enough 'nope' in the world to explain how much we dislike this bathroom. How can you have a 70s throwback kitchen and an 80s nightmare bathroom, all in one property? Well, you clearly can but that doesn't mean you should.

Once again, there's far too much pattern making this space feel tiny, whilst an old fashioned suite looks ultra naff. However, the worst part about this room are all the red accents. We know what they were trying to do but it's gone wrong and is way too much.

After: A sigh of relief

Doesn't it almost feel as though this bathroom has sighed a breath of relief itself? With those awful wall tiles gone, replaced with classically elegant biscuit-coloured stone, this is automatically a far more refined bathroom with that suite its crowning glory.

A statement sink has upped the design stakes to a point where it's hard to believe this was ever such a nightmare room. And look, not a red toilet brush to be seen!

For more transformation inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Before and After: A Doomed Home Miraculously Returns.

Are you still recovering from those before pictures? Which room change did you prefer? Share your thoughts with us, below...

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