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Can we tell you a secret? Sometimes when we're taking our lunch, we like to sit and scroll through the homify archive, looking for utterly spectacular houses that we can save for our own inspiration boards. However, whilst doing so we suddenly realised how selfish we were being. What if you want to see the houses that we think are truly above and beyond? Well, we thought we'd put together an article to share our dream homes with you.

You won't believe some of the homes that we found and, thanks to everything from the ultimate chalet to a treehouse for grown ups, we think your dream home mood board is about to get a whole lot more interesting. Don't call in the architects until you've seen what we've found!

1. A rustic Spanish delight

Found in Madrid, this amazing chalet home is a total masterclass in how to realise a far flung fantasy into a real life home. We honestly can't stop staring at it or wondering how we go about building one of our own.

The wooden frame is beautiful and lends a certain tradition to the structure, while that asymmetric roof is beyond belief! A natural slate, rustically finished roof is the icing on the cake and we have no idea how you find roofers with that level of skill. If you could see inside, you'd know how the phrase wow factor came to be. It's a rhapsody of rustic perfection!

2. Dimension altering in the desert

You don't need to be a narcissist to live in this semi-mirrored home but you will need a firm grasp on reality, as the way this structure plays with the view and landscape is trippy to say the least. It almost disappears entirely from some angles before you blink and it comes back into view.

Small but fascinating, we think architectural boundaries being pushed in increasingly clever and unusual ways make the industry sit up and take notice. One question though: what furniture would you put in here?

3. To infinity and beyond the Mediterranean

Let's not dispute that this dazzling white, Art Deco inspired home is phenomenal. The key feature is  unquestionably that breathtaking infinity pool, which stretches out and overlooks the stunning landscape. It's such a striking design that you can't help but be mesmerised.

The constant juxtapositions of tall, boxy shapes and long, linear additions all set under the blue Mediterranean sky are seriously making us want to pack our suitcase.

4. The secluded villa from heaven

If you dream of having a home that really lets you get away from all the hustle and bustle of busy cities then let this isolated villa, high up in the Catalonian mountains, give you some inspiration. It's the perfect combination of luxury and rustic styling.

A simple stonework property offers all the home comforts you could need, while a beautiful pool and terrace offer amazing relaxation opportunities. We feel rested just looking at it!

5. A grander scale of gorgeous

Dream homes don't have to be limited by social pressures to be a bit modest so when it comes to picturing your ultimate retreat, we think you can go as grand as you want. That seems to have been the case with this amazing house.

Finished entirely in stonework, completed by talented craftsmen, there have been no shortcuts to achieving the ultimate in opulent home. Whilst the styling looks traditional, we love the modern pool that really finishes the exterior off to perfection. 

6. Up in the trees

Are you less interested in swimming pools and more focused on green initiatives? You can still create a truly spectacular dream home, you just need to start taking your ambitions a little higher. Literally! This grown up treehouse has everything and we're fighting the urge to up sticks and leave the modern world behind.

The perfect way to combine a garden and a home, we just know that the interior of this unusual property will be astounding. If the size of your house takes second seat to your eco leanings, this could be the perfect inspiration for you!

For more mind-blowing house inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: The Amazing Shed House.

Which of these amazing houses blew you away? Leave a comment and tell us which one and why...we'd love to know!

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