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7 essentials to give your dining room spice

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AR Design Studio- Abbots Way AR Design Studio Modern dining room
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Planning a fancy feast? Or are you opting for something a little more low key and informal? Regardless of your entertaining schedule, a decent dining room is always an advantage in any home. But, of course, the dining space is not only where we eat, drink, and enjoy merriment; it also plays host to a range of other activities, like working. 

But whether you’re doing taxes or toasting champagne in your dining room, there are a few essentials necessary to transform that space from a “just another” room to an “oh wow” space.

1. Comfort

We kick off with a tricky one; this is something that can be purchased at the store, and yet you are also responsible for it yourself. If that dining room has adequate comfort, it not only means the chairs are comfortable; it means the entire layout and ambience are pleasing enough to entice your guests to linger a little longer after the meal has finished, instead of dining and dashing. 

How do we add visual comfort to the dining room? Keep reading…

2. Style

Any room in your house needs a certain style (or more than one) in order to work design wise. And we are spoiled for choice: rustic, modern, Asian, Scandinavian, classic, industrial… the list goes on. Deciding on the type of table and chairs for your dining room sets the tone for the entire space, and is the inspiration for the additional furniture and décor you will eventually add.

3. Independence

The facts are these: the kitchen is where you cook and socialise, but the dining room is where you wine and dine. There needs to be a separation between these spaces if you want your fancy dinner soirée to be a striking affair. 

So, what do we do when we have an open plan layout that houses the kitchen and dining room together? We rely on small yet eye-catching ways to divide these two areas, such as flooring, colours, decorative elements, lighting, etc. 

Even if your guests are seated at the table and can still see (and smell) the kitchen, visually separating these two spaces goes a long way in differentiating between the culinary work zone, and the elegant dinner party you’re hosting.

4. Décor

Venus Boardroom/Dining Table SOAP designs Modern dining room
SOAP designs

Venus Boardroom/Dining Table

SOAP designs

Of course elements such as wall art, lighting, and other items are important to distinguish the dining room as its own separate space – but what if that dining spot forms part and parcel of the kitchen? 

Easy: rely on your kitchen to conjure up decoration. A few stunning table lamps on that table can enhance the dining spot. A classic rug framing the dining area can also add some visual style. And how about bringing in some eye-catching flowers in glamorous vases to complement that dining area?

5. Lighting

AR Design Studio- Abbots Way AR Design Studio Modern dining room
AR Design Studio

AR Design Studio- Abbots Way

AR Design Studio

Your dining room needs to exude a certain ambience, which can only be achieved with the right lighting elements. That table needs to be strong, the chairs must be comfortable, but since nobody will be touching the lighting, you can be a bit more daring on this front. And it’s the ideal opportunity to flaunt some sculptural elements to help create a mood.

Our advice? Invest in dimmers for your decorative fixtures so that you can adjust the ambience as needed. Dinner with the family and sharing stories of the day will require a brighter setting than, for example, drinking wine with friends.

And remember: warm light is the most flattering option for a dining room. 

Be sure to scope out our collection of lighting professionals here on homify.

6. Table beauty

Whether your dining table is a rustic wooden model or a sleek and slim chrome creation, it needs a touch of something. Whether it’s a stylish cloth, a vase with flowers, a few candles, or some other decorative object as a centrepiece, your table top can’t be empty when it isn’t playing host to friends’ plates and wine glasses. 

Just remember: glass tables weren’t meant to be covered, as it defeats the purpose of having one.

7. Colour

Although it’s true that neutral tones are the most popular for dining rooms, nothing prevents you from bringing in something a little more vibrant. A focal wall painted ruby red; a bright blue table cloth; striking green wallpaper; dining chairs with colourful fabrics – these can all add some pizzazz to your dining space if you want to create something eye-catching to enhance your hosting skills. 

Seeking some more dining room inspiration? Then feast your eyes on these: Delectable Dining Rooms.

In your opinion, what is THE essential ingredient for a decent dining room? Comment below and share it with us...

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