How To Organise A Studio/Small Flat

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There are a lot of perks that come with living in a smaller studio apartment in the city. Not only are these apartments plentiful, and they tend to be a lot more affordable—month to month.

Whether it's the cheaper rent, or the close proximity to the city, living in a studio apartment can oftentimes start feeling a bit cramped. The small confines of your apartment may leave you feeling as if you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Depending on how you arranged your apartment, it may be time for you to clear out the clutter and make some physical space in that tiny house of yours. The less you have that's in the way, the quicker you will start feeling the weight lifting, leaving you feeling refreshed and zen.

Regardless of your style, and budget, here are some tips on how to organise the perfect small apartment.

Make Use Of Natural Light

City apartments often come with a few windows, either facing the street or above the treelines. Whatever the case may be, it's important that you utilise natural light in your apartment as much as possible.

Not only does natural light make any small space feel bigger, but it also makes it feel more clean and fresh. Welcoming more sun into your home will automatically liven up any dull apartment, bringing life to those dingy corners of your home.

Use Mirrors To Widen Spaces

Mirrors are a simple, yet tactile way for you to create more space in your home, without having to make physical adjustments to the floor plan.

Having mirrors in curated positions helps to bounce light from the outside inwards, and can make a room seem bigger than it is. Try placing mirrors above couches, or in the hallway, you can also opt for large standing mirrors, or hang them in the middle of the wall in the living room or your bedroom.

Put Furniture Against The Wall

In a small apartment, where space is limited, the wall is your best friend, and this is true for a couple of reasons. First off, putting furniture against the wall helps to open more physical floor space in your apartment. Secondly, walls can be used to install additional shelving or hooks that can help declutter some of the countertop space around the house.

In the bedroom, office, or living room, see how you can move furniture around so that it can be against the wall, rather than having bulky pieces freely stand around your home.

Have a Few Statement Pieces

Although it's important to make use of minimalist styles, and even more modest furniture pieces, there's nothing wrong with getting yourself a statement piece or two that will help bring everything together. The statement piece also helps add a pop of colour, without you completely overdoing it.

Consider what will work best for your home and style in terms of a statement piece. This can range from a colourful chair, a painting, or even a plant or two to help add a dash of greenery.

Have A Dedicated Workspace

in a small apartment, it's important that before you start thinking of how your layout should look, you consider how and where you can create a dedicated workspace.

having a desk or nook which you can call your home office helps to separate the clutter that comes with having an at-home office, or even the clutter that comes with working from home.

The dedicated office space ensures that you have a place where you can work, as opposed to moving around the apartment trying to find a comfortable or more suitable place where you can work and concentrate,

Use Open-leg Furniture

A final tip is to use or purchase open-leg furniture, this is important for chairs, couches, beds, and tables as well. Having open-leg furniture allows for a better flow of natural light throughout your home, but it also makes it possible for the room to feel less cluttered with bulky and robust furniture pieces.

Open-leg furniture, constructed out of natural materials can help to bring together the room and apartment in a more stylish and elegant way.

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