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​10 modest terraces bursting with charm

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The design gods have blessed us with an abundance of spaces for our homes, including the fabulous terrace, which can play the ideal venue to a host of different functions. Reading a book, catching up on work, enjoying some tea or wine – why not do it on the terrace? 

To celebrate this fantastic addition, which we feel should be mandatory for every home, we have sought out 10 beautiful (if slightly small) terraces that can be perfect for just about anything.

So, pour the tea, have a sit down, and enjoy.

1. A double duo

How charming is this timber cottage? With a spacious timber flooring surface cut in two (one covered, one out in the open), this layout presents perfect lounging opportunities in either sunny weather or when it’s overcast. 

Whether it’s for the terrace or the indoors, we have an exceptional range of professionals here on homify, ready and waiting to help with any architectural/design task.

2. Added greens

The beauty of gardens, adding some freshness and cheery scents to any space. So, why not add some to that timber terrace overlooking the lake? 

This rustic terrace provides the perfect spot to enjoy a G&T, or even an al fresco meal, while enjoying the exquisite natural surroundings.

3. Linked to the interiors

Both sides of this little garden home provide covered terraces, ideal for pulling up a lounger to enjoy the flourishing green surroundings in full comfort. Even the house wants as much of the landscape as possible, gracefully opening up to welcome in the sunshine and garden views.

4. The stylish getaway spot

This is most certainly not your typical forest cabin. Spaciously laid out wooden panels conjure up a most striking terrace and home combination, with more than adequate space for the entire family to relax in style. 

And what is a getaway spot in the forest without the ambience of a crackling fire?

5. The outdoor kitchen

If we’re going to be enjoying ourselves on that shaded terrace, then how about we add some culinary features to it? This built-in barbeque is the ideal addition for this covered spot, with more than ample storage space, prepping surfaces, and good looks to ensure an unforgettable time (and meal) outside.

6. The mini barbecue

This mini terrace mimics the previous one’s aspirations for an outdoor barbecue, albeit in a more modern and condensed version. But never mind, as the sleek marble, chic stone, and charming wooden surfaces all add to the delightful vibe of this dining-under-the-stars spot.

7. Relaxation guaranteed

Whether it’s to enjoy a cup of tea in peace, or lounge around with the friends and a bottle of Cabernet, we think this wooden terrace is a firm contender for a good time. Built-in seating, plush pillows, adequate legroom, and a touch of fresh greenery – what more is needed?

8. The sunny spot

That terrace doesn’t always need to be shielded from the sun – sometimes we want to feel that glow on our skin, and for those times this terrace, complete with pergola-like addition, could be just ideal. 

Add a simple table and some chairs to the middle, et voilà – the outdoor dining spot is complete!

9. Stylishly tranquil

Is it just us, or does this wooden terrace look like the perfect spot to do some yoga stretches (and/or peaceful meditation)? 

And when our exercise is done for the day, out comes the rattan furniture and modern décor for a fashionable seating spot to continue enjoying the surrounding landscape.

10. The garden paradise

Now this is ideal for… anything, really. White flooring, dark walls, soft seating, a covered spot to shade us from that unexpected drizzle, and an abundance of plants and flowers to ensure the perfect backdrop. 

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We’d love to know which terrace is ideal for your home - leave comment below and tell us all about it!

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