How To Add Another Room To Your House Without Extension

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Deciding to add another room to your house takes a lot of mental and financial consideration because for whatever reason you might have decided, you are still going to be spending money when you have to totally add another room that wasn’t in your initial home plan. There are different reasons why people do this, sometimes it could be that there are more people living in a house or sometimes, some people might want to have their personal space. Whatever the case might be, I am going to be showing you some of the easiest ways to add another room to your house without extensions.

NB: You might still have to seek a professional to actually determine whether you need to add extensions for the extra space you intend to create or not. 

Split your larger room into two

Since you already know how expensive it would be to add an extra room to your house, if you are looking for a cost-effective means, one major means is to simply split your larger room into two. This works perfectly when you’re trying to separate your teenagers and make them have their separate rooms or when you want to have a personal work room to yourself without distractions. This is an excellent way to upgrade a room without actually affecting the initial structural plan of your house.

Convert your garage into a room

Most of the time, people use their garages to keep their cars, as a workshop or a place to store barely used pieces of furniture in the house. The garage usually ends up being a dumping ground for garden types of equipment and tools as well. Well, I am here to tell you that rather than waste the space in your garage, you can completely convert it into a room. You can even convert your garage into a mini studio room too, the choice is entirely up to you. Remember, you are converting your garage into a room with no extensions.

Renovate your attic

The attic is already like a room, just a few more touches and renovations will give you the additional space that you require without extensions. This is another cheap way to add a room to your house. Although you are going to do a lot of cleaning simply because the attic isn’t a daily go-to area in your house, and because most of the time, people use a ladder to get to the attic and not stairs, you might want to have that in mind before you renovate your attic and convert it into a room.

Sacrifice your dressing room

I didn’t want to say this but I don’t think I had any other option. This is going to be particularly difficult for women because who wants to give up their nice closet and dressing room just for additional room in the house? Sometimes, we have to make tough choices and make sacrifices too. One of them is to sacrifice your dressing room and convert it to a different room entirely. Instead of being a dressing room, it might be your new kid’s bedroom or just a home office where you get your work done.

Convert your patio to an enclosed room

This is also another brilliant idea you can make use of when you want to add an extra room to your house. Since your patio is mainly for relaxation, you can just make it more enclosed instead of leaving it open. You just need to add large windows and make it cosier and your patio becomes another room in your house.

I hope you were able to learn a lot from this article. You can also read more related articles like this on homify! Definitely, I’d like to know how yours went for you. You can leave a comment in the comment section and share your personal experience on how you were able to add an additional room to your house without extensions.

How were you able to add an additional room to your house?

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