Mylands' 2023 Colour of the Year and 5 Inspirations That Abound!

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Thanks to Gen Z’s, the mighty vigour of the colour pink is back! The colour has almost single-handedly absorbed all kinds of misogyny over the years, as popular culture rebuked the shade for being very ‘feminine’. As the world passed a decade or two, it has become attuned to the changing thoughts of the times. Pink became the favourite colour again, and now it is trending!

Yes, the Mylands' Colour of the Year 2023 is hot pink, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Pink can be one of the most majestic colours you will ever come across. Not only it blends with a large paraphernalia of shades, but the colour can seamlessly dominate a space on its own as well. It is akin to white in its characteristics, and we are so blissfully happy to shower you with pink inspirations from Homify. We have a large repository of your favourite designs embraced by hot pink, and this ideabook is all about curating what’s pink for you!

Jokes apart, I have come up with the best designs that will enliven any room, shift one’s perspective towards the colour, and allow you to radically rethink home designs. Let’s check out the various inspirations one by one.

1. Fill the bedroom with the pinkest light!

Check out this room and tell us what it says about its best compatibility. I personally don’t feel any specific issue about age or gender to find this room appealing with all its glamour. The abundant natural light and empty spaces give a feeling of overwhelming joy!

2. The Best Child’s Bedroom!

Check out this room for your kids, and the best part about this design is it can also fit in those apartments that have a space crunch. The pink mingles with the white and blends in a perfect way with the multi-patterned designs on the walls.

3. Another colourful inspiration!

Well, this design is not the pinkest setup we can imagine, right? I still thought to curate it because it perfectly complements the other shades and designs we are talking about here.

4. A Mind-numbing Elegance

Natural light blends best with contrasting shades of pink. With the abundant windows and the large idle space of the room seamlessly making one of the most impressive room designs, it once again proves that pink is the warmest colour.

5. A Blend of Violet with Pink

A mini-departure from the myspace shade of hot pink, it is another design that might crave your attention due to its effortless blend with the interiors of the room. The setup is a perfect example of everything—how to keep patterns in a room full of colour, how professionals design a room with a blend of light and dark colours, and what abundant light does to a room.

If you liked this ideabook, you will be dazzled with a series of inspirations on how to paint your smaller rooms. Check it out!

Tell us in the comments which design inspired you the most.

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