Using Digital Lavender Colour Of The Year 2023 in Your Home

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While 2022 brought us closer to the cooler, yet inviting tones of Very Peri, a periwinkle blue that created a feeling of warmth and happiness, experts and researchers at WGSN and Coloro have now released the colour of the year 2023.

In a much-anticipated wait, Digital Lavender, a muted pastel purple shade, has been selected as the colour of the year 2023. Almost similar to Very Peri, Digital Lavender has a cool, yet inviting tone and creates an inclusive atmosphere. The colour helps to bridge human life and digital escapism, as it represents wellness, and calmness, and can offer a sense of stability and balance.

From our homes to the runway, and office buildings, Digital Lavender will become the colour favourited by many in the coming year, as it helps to connect humans with the real world while keeping that sense of balance with the digital ecosystem.

Here is a look at how you can use digital lavender in your home this year.

Objects and Decor

Digital lavender is a soft and subtle colour, that represents the connection we have with ourselves and that of the digital world. Bringing this colour into your home is easy with the use of small objects and decor pieces and it can become part of a way to give your home a hygge makeover.

Objects such as lampshades, light fittings, pots and porcelain can be beautiful additions to your home. At the same time, presenting these objects with contrasting colours such as Sundial, an organic dusty orange-brown or even Verdigris, a greyish dark green with a subtle blue undertone.


Just like with small decor, you can include Digital Lavender through the use of larger furniture pieces such as couches, chairs, bookshelves or mantels.

The idea with Digital Lavender is to create a space that is inclusive, yet helps to introduce a balance between the natural and contemporary world. Using Digital Lavender in larger pieces would mean that the surrounding room would be lighter, either through the use of natural light or the overall colour palette will need to be lighter as well.

Unconventional incorporations

Because Digital Lavender is more soft and subtle, it's possible to include it through more unconventional means by painting objects or furniture that is often left unnoticed by the first glance of the eye.

Additionally, it's possible to create a feature wall with this colour or use it as a walkway colour that helps to lead the eyes, and senses towards a room or larger space.

Painting your walls

Painting with this colour is going to be a lot of fun, as there are several different ways in which you can include it in your home. For the bathroom, a feature wall would look more striking, while in the bedroom the space can be entirely repainted with Digital Lavender while including soft palatable colours such as greens, oatmeal and greys.

Throughout the home, Digital Lavender will become a warm and happy colour that not only helps to calm the senses but helps to improve mental wellness too.

As a wallpaper

Digital Lavender will also transpire into wallpapers, which is an exciting change from the blank canvas the colour presents. Having this colour in a wallpaper would present all new exciting patterns and textures, helping the colour become more part of the home.


Digital Lavender will also see traction in the form of rugs and carpets, not only does it help tie the room together, but it creates a more moving and inspirational space where colour and balance work effortlessly together in harmony. Having Digital Lavender as part of the floor decor does mean that there is more room to experiment with the rest of the room by using contrasting colours, or even lighter hues of Digital Lavender and Very Peri.

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