The Surprising Little White House

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革工房の音色, 風景のある家.LLC 風景のある家.LLC Modern houses Iron/Steel
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Few homes can cause as much intrigue and mystery as the one in this Ideabook. Clever minimalist architecture and interior design makes this house, from Japanese professionals Huukei Design, one of our most talked about in 2016. 

Since the house was designed to look like a white box, which is completely blank and closed off to the world, those discovering it for the first time would not be able to predict how wonderfully open and liveable the interiors happen to be. 

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Seeing only white

Standing on the foot of the driveway, we are introduced to this home in the same way as all others are. What we see is a building of a small and simple form, which is composed of a white render. 

The white render marks a fascinating architectural statement, creating a strong and dynamic juxtaposition to the rest of the houses seen in this neighbourhood. Only a small entrance void below breaks from the all white aesthetic. 

A glimpse of life inside

There's much to love about the look of this home, with its long, symmetrical shape and unassuming simplicity. Much like the front façade, the white render continues to great effect as we see the building maintain its form. 

There are only a handful of windows that find their place on the side of the building so we are left wondering how the interiors will have access to natural light and good ventilation. 

Let's go inside and find out more…

Changing shape

Little changes inside the home as we see the same shade of white used for the exterior present again for certain surfaces. The architects chose white for the interiors to highlight the unique shape and layout of the different spaces. 

Polished concrete flooring enhances the modern outlook of the décor while also providing the rooms of the home with underfloor heating. 

Despite its minimalist appearance, this is a space that always feels warm and welcoming thanks to the choice of soft furnishings and accessories that have genuine personality. 

A central courtyard

We had our concerns that the home was too closed off from the world, meaning that the interiors would receive too little natural light and poor ventilation. These concerns proved to be unfounded as we discover the home is coordinated around a central void, which has an open air design. 

Finding itself in the right position beside the void is a dining room. As they enjoy their evening meal, those dining can pause to look up at the starry sky. 

A picture window

Even if you're not a fan of this type of house, it can still be fun to at least admire the different architectural and interior design principles these projects offer.

Photo finish

At the side of the room, a few paces beyond the dining area, is a corner set up for lounging. Here, the simple rug and reading stool combination looks to be a spot where the owners can enjoy a book or listen to their music in their own space. 

Highlighted by up lighting, the look provided by the exposed timber for the ceiling establishes itself as unique interior décor feature. Additionally, the wooden framing works in tandem with the other natural pieces found within this unique space. 

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