Functional, Colourful, and Personal: Discover the Interiors of a House in Amsterdam

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Interior Designer IJzersterk worked on refurbishing a property near the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam to add personality and colour to it. The typical Amsterdam house with beautiful old elements got a stunning makeover. The highlight of the interior design is the beautiful colour scheme, as not everyone dares to play with colour. Read on to discover how applying colour and adding industrial elements added personality to the beautiful home.

The living room had already been refurbished but lacked colour and atmosphere. The long room has multiple heights, giving it a playful ambience. The platform in the middle has a herringbone pattern, bringing an interesting contrast to the grey concrete floor. The walls remained white to maintain tranquillity. Colour was not applied with paint on the wall but with art and furniture to make statements. For example, a striking life-size painting was chosen for the herringbone stage. This painting, in beautiful pastel colours, breaks the monotony of the white wall, making a striking colour statement that immediately draws one’s eye. 

In addition, the furniture, such as the beautiful red-orange table, burgundy chairs, and teal sofa, is also bright and eye-catching in the interiors. Using such grand pieces, you can transform a rough industrial interior into an atmospheric and cosy home in no time. This home had a dark industrial look before IJzersterk got to work, using colour to create an atmosphere and add personality.

The kitchen, like the living room, clearly has an industrial base. You'll see a metal countertop, metal cabinetry, and black metal open shelving. However, this rugged look is softened using beautiful old pink tiles with white grout in between. 

Adjacent to the kitchen is the dining area, which we have already glimpsed from the living room. The dining area connects the living room with the kitchen through the table, which reflects the colour of the tiles and the style of the sitting area. 

The kitchen is also adjacent to the stairwell. Here, a brown wall was removed and replaced with a brick wall. A custom-made lamp with three spotlights and several sturdy tubes adds an industrial effect while beautifully illuminating the dark corner.

As we descend the stairs, we reach the first floor. Here, we see a bathroom with a walk-in shower, where again, the same beautiful old pink tiles we know from the kitchen are present. New lamps and brown-pink wall paint give the bathroom a little more atmosphere. The bedroom, next to the bathroom, borders a garden, from where ample natural light comes into the room. Beautiful yellow curtains filter the light to create a cosy atmosphere in the bedroom, making it perfect for spending the evening together. The wall covering adds to the intimate ambience, with the stars on the wallpaper twinkling in dim light.

This design by IJzersterk fits perfectly with their mission to make a home or workplace as personal and comfortable as possible, arranging the space according to its function. Are you curious about other projects by IJzersterk? Then, browse the page or the website of the interior designer.

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