Does My House has a Bad Style? 10 Ways to Figure it out

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The impeccably beautiful home décor images of the magazines are quite alluring. It’s natural to get inspired and try to imitate it in our home décor. But for everything good, there is something bad to compare and contrast. For as long as we appreciate the great house designs and interior décor, there also have to be bad styles to check and edit for your home décor. It’s because maybe what’s looking great in pictures may not suit your home style.

We have curated a few common design mistakes suggested by our professional interior designers and decorators for you to figure out and see if your house has a bad style. An overwhelming décor, colours, bad light, space, lack of cohesiveness… the little things that we often miss to consider when designing our home. There are lots of positives or negatives in home styles and décor you get to know once you have done your home and start living there. What if you are aware of a few bad designs in home decor before you start designing your home? So, here are 9 ways to figure out whether your house has a bad style.

1. Amidst the greenery

The first thought was, Oh! How romantic. But once you replicate the sitting arrangement like this in your garden design, surrounded by the greenery, you will feel the challenges of walking up to the beautiful garden furniture through a narrow pathway, with thick shrubs and grass on the way. Once you reach the seat, you will realize the bad style and design mistakes. It will be an everyday struggle to brave bugs, insects, mosquitos, and creepy crawly creatures, and it will soon lose its charm.

2. Luxurious leather sofa in the living/family room

If your house has a leather sofa in your living room or family room, then probably it’s a wrong choice and bad style. There is no doubt that a leather sofa brings luxurious style to your living room décor, but it gets stuck to the exposed skin, making it uncomfortable to sit on in summer.

3. Stained glass door in kitchen cabinet

What’s the purpose of having glass doors in the kitchen wall cabinets and then using stained or frosted glass on them? It will make what’s inside even hazy for you, making it difficult to find what you are looking for. If you are using glass doors for your kitchen cabinets, opt for clear ones with clear visibility or go for wood.

4. Mix and match two contrasting texture and style on the wall

You are a great fan of open brick style on walls, but don’t ever make the mistake of having a half-tiled and half-open brick on the same wall. The unfinished wall look is a bad style choice for any wall. If you want an open brick wall in your home décor, opt for it on an entire wall from floor to ceiling.

5. The darkness of dark colour choice

No matter how much you love dark colours, never have all dark colours in one room in your home décor. It sure is a bad style choice for your home if you have one, like a dark colour wall, dark floor, and dark furniture, all in one space, as it will make the space look and feel gloomy.

6. More is confusing

In creating storage space, don’t ever go overboard and make a bad style mistake in your home décor. Too much of things in one place, like wooden bookshelves around a wooden TV wall with a mantelpiece and metal fireplace below the TV, wall-to-wall glass door in a white frame, and once again wooden shelves for books above the door; weren’t you lost and confused in the bad style of the space trying to focus? More is confusing and lacks cohesiveness. So, opt for less is more and enjoy elegance.

7. Level difference in a room

Avoid the mistake of building up a leveled platform in an attempt to create a seating area or recreational space within a room. Though initially, it might attract you, in the long run, especially with children or seniors at home, it will become an accident-prone site. You will regret the bad style of the house.

8. Pillars and columns in the home design

Pillars and columns are inevitable when building a home. After all, it's the support structure that holds up the house. But exposed pillars and columns are an eyesore. So, it's a bad style if your home has exposed pillars and columns. Try to be creative and cover them creatively, hiding them behind the cupboards or creating something beautiful around them.

9. The subtle art of painting the walls

Though the elaborate painting on the wall may attract you and instantly grab your attention, remember, at home, where you will see the wall again and again, every day, it might become overwhelming. Home is where subtle paint on the wall creates a soothing atmosphere, and that's what is required at home. So, instead of having a whole wall covered in creative painting, have multiple pictures framed on the wall.

10. Copper/brass fitting in bathroom or kitchen

The blingy shine of copper/ brass is attractive, but when included in the home décor, like a copper bathtub in the bathroom, be ready for the enduring pain of maintenance and cleaning the bathtub to maintain its sheen. With copper or brass fittings in the wet area of your home, you are inviting trouble for yourself.

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Which of these bad styles in home decor should be a big no? Let us know in the comments.

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