10 Marvellous Dual Floor Apartments that Take your Breath Away!

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Nothing beats the peace and quiet of living alone in houses or apartments of dual floors. It means there is always enough space for your solitude even after having guests come over all the time. Single, independent women who socialize as much as they spend time on their own, will definitely dual floors quite appealing.

It is crucial to note that a significant percentage of the modern generations---Gen Zs and millennials---who have broken the archaic norms of their respective societies and chosen freedom. Starting from freedom in the workspace to bringing that freedom home, the youth lives for terrific experiences.

While this is just how the essence of the promising world of youth is right now, professionals are jumping at this chance to design beautiful apartments and homes that are tailored for lovers of solitude. The following list continues with this idea of freedom and how it reflects in your choice of life. Check out these wonderful homes to carve a piece of freedom for yourself:

1. Sunny-side Up!

Check out this balcony and imagine your solitude on a Sunday morning sitting here idly. The home looks down on the world while the extended balcony retains its absolute charm with its bright range of colours.

2. The Vast Open Nature

Freedom also means moving to remote locations that seem like the end of the world. We curated this balcony just to give you an idea of what dual floors can hold.

3. A Shining Renovation

Here lies the beauty of dual floors. They can be endlessly improvised and you will always have one room to yourself to keep your life intact.

4. The Window, the Library, and You

Dual floors give you the chance to spread out and design with your utmost creativity. Check out how the designer has made a perfect use of natural light and placed the library shelf just by its side!

5. The Grand Stairs

Steps and stairs often make us feel we are a part of a distinct journey. Single women who also love company would love an apartment that resonates with their personality. This dual floor apartment invites warmth!

6. A Space of Careful Organization!

Not all spaces come with a distinct sense of independence. At times, one also has to mould it or shape it to fit their essence in it! This apartment is a perfect case in point.

7. The Grand Ground Floor

If you are a fan of double-floors, chances are you will love this long studio-apartment styled setting in the ground floor. It holds the appearance of a sleek and dynamic apartment.

8. Everything Carefully Partitioned!

People who need things ready at hand and love to have their belongings sorted will love this apartment. When it comes to double floors, room designs will follow suit!

9. Working within a conventional setting

If you are looking for double floor apartments within the city, maybe the interior architecture will be all about your improvisation. Check out this inspiration and how spaced out every decor piece is!

10. The Grand Budapest Hotel!

When elegance comes with spatial comfort, nothing beats the warmth of that combination. Check out how carefully this space has been designed to accommodate a range of needs. A replication of this on another floor will definitely give you the best dual-floor apartment you are looking for!

While these are marvellous inspirations to start planning with, check out more ideabooks on how to best use a space and make it your own!

Tell us in the comments which design inspired you the most!

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