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Fulham, London - rear extension, loft conversion and entire house renovation including inserting swimming pool, Zebra Property Group Zebra Property Group
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Some families don't like to do things by halves and this is one such group of people. They took on not only a full home refurbishment, loft conversion and rear extension, as a swimming pool was added as well! Turning a beautiful but standard terrace house in Fulham into something simply spectacular, the sheer amount of work that has gone into this project is staggering, making a committed building and design team a necessity. 

Take a look at how this home has been exponentially increased, as well as improved and see if you might be tempted to plan something similar yourself. After all, who doesn't want a pool?!

Before: Bare bones

We're going to do things a little differently today and show you all of the before snaps first, as with this project, we think it will really heighten the impact of the finished product. Seriously, this transformation is amazing!

Here we can see the structure for the rear extension going up and it's already made a dramatic impression on the rear façade. This will certainly be a home that stands out for all the right reasons.

Before: Disaster zone

As far as hallways go, this one is hardly welcoming or inspiring and, as a result, has been gutted back to the bare basics. This is a space that is indicative of the state and styling of the house as a whole and all of a sudden, you get a real understanding of why a full revamp was needed.

Can you imagine the horror of an entire house being so old-fashioned and chintzy? What a nightmare!

Before: Wasted potential

Before the visionary owners and design team got their hands on this property, there was a wealth of potential simply going to waste, up in the roof. Without a loft conversion, the opportunity to add an extra bedroom suite was woefully being ignored and creating cramped conditions below.

As you can see, adding a loft conversion here was no small undertaking, but when you see the newly created room that came as a result, you'll know it was all worth it.

After: Stunning space

What did we tell you? This loft conversion master bedroom is an absolute triumph and has made quick and easy work of totally dictating the rest of the home styling. So open, bright and chic, this is a room that really speaks of home comforts and luxury finishes.

We love the inclusion of plenty of windows to create a sun-filled slumber chamber. Also, with some colourful but gently traditional wallpaper in place, this is a house that accepts the tastes of the owners, who in turn respect the age of the property. It's a match made in heaven!

After: That pool!

If you've ever walked outside into your garden and thought you'd love a pool but there's no way you could fit one in, we think this is all the inspiration you need to think again. Long and lean, this pool makes for a perfect addition to a family home that has undergone extensive refining and polishing.

From here you can see how in keeping the rear extension and loft conversion are, making this not only a dramatic transformation inside but also a subtle one outside. The juxtaposition of that is making our heads spin so perhaps we'll cool off with a quick dip…

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Has this project given you some great home ideas?

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