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Decorative arches and walkways

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Lightwell, Clapham Biotecture Interior landscaping
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Today on homify we are taking a glimpse at two features often overlooked in both exterior and interior design. Arches and walkways can impart a sense of luxury and enjoyment into an abode, and provide an interesting, long lasting architectural feature. Whether you choose to add an arch or a walkway to the front of your home to boost curb appeal, or simply wish to have a stylish place to sit and enjoy your garden, these age-defiant features are a great addition to any area or room. 

For some gorgeous examples, and intriguingly sophisticated spaces, check out the images below, and start planning your domestic makeover today!

A green walkway

Lightwell, Clapham Biotecture Interior landscaping

Lightwell, Clapham


From Biotecture we take a look at this intriguing and truly interesting green wall. Overgrown and full of character, this space is within a light well of a London home. This lush and dramatic vertical garden ensures a lively and exciting addition to the walkway space, which brings the garden within reach of the occupant. 

The renovated church arch

Artingstalls Chapel OMI Architects Modern office buildings
OMI Architects

Artingstalls Chapel

OMI Architects

As part of a renovated church that has been converted into offices, we take a look at the interior arch, which adds interest and style to the intriguing workspace. The Grade II listed former Congregational chapel in Castlefield, Manchester is now home to a leading design agency, and has beautifully enhanced the original features within the structure. 

Illusionary mirror arch

Bristol city garden in spring Karena Batstone Design Modern garden
Karena Batstone Design

Bristol city garden in spring

Karena Batstone Design

If you loved The Secret Garden, then you will love this space. Located in Bristol, and designed by Karena Batstone Design, this mirrored archway is set into a pyracantha hedge. Adding a whimsical intrigue and illusionary feature, the arch is an interesting way to add space to a garden without actually increasing its size. The reflective surfaces add an element of movement and space, evoking memories of Alice in Wonderland, and other fanciful recollections.

Stylish dining

A private garden in West Hampstead, London Bowles & Wyer Eclectic style garden
Bowles & Wyer

A private garden in West Hampstead, London

Bowles & Wyer

The next arch/walkway we are taking a look at is this stylish open space from Bowles & Wyer. Although this space isn't covered, the hardwood deck is elevated from the other outdoor living spaces, and looks segregated thanks to the stainless steel and cedar pergola. This area can be covered with other protective material if needed, providing waterproofing during the cooler months, and ensuring occupants can still enjoy their outdoor space. The different textures that have been used impart an industrial feel, while the timber keeps everything feeling natural and welcoming. 

A different kind of garden arch

Designed by Gianni Botsford Architects, this translucent concrete Smoking Pavilion was awarded the Wallpaper Magazine’s Smoking Award 2015. Located in the gardens of a private house designed by landscape architect Todd Longstaffe-Gowan, this structure is intriguing as wells as interesting. Bold in its design and form, the pavilion lets the individual rest, relax, and enjoy some time in the confines of a concrete cube. Manufactured with translucent concrete, this structure is able to let light inside, while still looking like a solid structure. We love this unique design as well as the use of a captivating and original material. If you would like to read more, check out the architect's project here: Smoking Pavilion

Growing creepers

A private garden, Surrey Bowles & Wyer Modern garden
Bowles & Wyer

A private garden, Surrey

Bowles & Wyer

Creepers are often one of the best ways to create a walkway or arch that looks in-keeping with its surrounding environment. Within a garden, greenery and foliage add to the natural ambience, and this example is no exception. The contemporary garden is large and luxurious, featuring a pergola that runs the length of the natural stone tiled walkway. Connecting the sections of the garden, while providing a stylish and enjoyable path, this design won the BALI Grand Award and the Design & Build Award in 2010.

A canopy of trees

A gorgeous canopied area of greenery, this walkway-cum-pergola is a stylish and chic way to spruce up your garden. Featuring an on-trend selection of plants, the focal point of this space is the interconnected series of plants that work beautifully together to provide a family friendly area with a dining space, as well as some raised planters, and interesting walkways. 

Exterior brick arches

The last example we are taking a look at today is this renovated garden that has been landscaped, with a new rear extension attached to the dwelling. Seen at night, the new archways are illuminated by a wall-mounted light that helps to cast a glow upon the stylish brick structure. Glazing has been employed within the arch construction, adding to the natural illumination of the garden room's interior, as well as its appearance from the rear of the home. 

If you would like some more garden inspiration, check out our other ideabook: 6 ultimate backyard retreats

Do you own a garden arch, or do you love a nifty hidden walkway? Let us know what garden feature you love in the comments below!

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