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6 interior office solutions

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Generally, when we create our workspaces there are numerous considerations and complications. Challenges arise due to the fact that offices are individual spaces, which must be customised to their user. A one-size-fits-all approach will unfortunately lead to an inefficient and impractical workspace and so, you must instead look at the specifics to create a stylish and functional area. 

Today on homify we are taking a look at six different ways you can construct and produce a well-conceived, productive space. From ensuring the layout is sufficient, to providing a good amount of daily inspiration, there are plenty of solutions that you can implement and establish for an advantageous and dynamic office. Take a look at the images and examples, below, and start planning your workspace refresh today!

1. Make sure your space inspires

Inspiration Korbo Modern study/office



Depending on how you work, and what you do, you will require a space that either inspires your, or keeps you focused. Often individuals require areas that are simple, distraction free, and suit their tastes, while other will want an area filled with inspirational pictures, trinkets and images. No matter what your preference may be, it is always good to employ a design that suits your tastes. Here in this example, we see a gorgeous workspace that looks to be the office of somebody involved with fashion. The desk isn't clutter free, but that doesn't matter, it is replete with interesting and exciting images and inspirational materials. 

2. Create a custom layout

Ground Floor Extension, Hilton Ave London Building Renovation Modern study/office
London Building Renovation

Ground Floor Extension, Hilton Ave

London Building Renovation

Organising your workspace is the key to productivity. And you can't function correctly, without a well-planned office layout. Here in the first example we are looking at today, the space features a custom organisation, and layout. Utilising a small section in the corner of the room, the desk faces a bay window, providing light, and a view while working. Additionally, the workspace offers an abundance of storage space, with a large volume of flat workspaces, which can easily be shared by multiple individuals if needed. 

3. Keep it clean!

Organisation is often the key to success, and what better place to start your new tidy life, than with your study? Here we see a stylish home workspace that utilises joinery to create an easy, functional, and practical office. The room is light and bright, with space for books, and other ornamentation above. Not only that, the desk is large enough for a standalone computer and a laptop, with additional drawers for storing all those office bits and bobs. If you need some help with an organised workspace, why not chat to a professional, and get some expert advice?

4. Make it cosy, snug and welcoming

Cosy & Traditional Home Office homify Country style study/office

Cosy & Traditional Home Office


An interior office needn't be a place that is stark and uninviting. Instead it can easily be an area that is warm, cosy, and perfect for relaxing while working. In this example we see a large home office replete with a large timber desk, plenty of storage space, and an abundance of homely accoutrements. To emulate this in your own abode, think rugs, soft upholstered seating, warm lighting, and plenty of wall art. 

5. It's all in the table

Everyone has their own ideas about what constitutes a perfect workspace, but for me personally, it is most certainly the desk! A desk is a central part of a home office, or indeed an exterior workspace. It not only offers you an area to sit and undertake your task, but it provides storage, and a comfortable working environment. If you have ever tried working at a poorly designed desk, you will understand the pain. Poor posture and inefficiency are almost guaranteed. Choose yourself a stylish and comfortable desk, and you will be well on the way to a productive and workable office. 

6. Maximise light

Finally, one of the most important things to consider when creating your interior office, is whether you have access to enough natural light. Light is essential to productivity, and can drastically change your effectiveness if you are lacking in it. Here in this gorgeous bespoke study area from Sam Crawford Architects, the office has been enhanced with a glass ceiling section that adds to the volume of illumination that is allow to enter the room. 

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How do you keep your workspace tidy? Let us know in the comments, below.

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