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How to Create a Myst Location Map

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Location map is a Google Maps-like app that lets you save and find locations from around the world. It's great for adventurers, people who travel frequently, and those who want to share their favorite spots with friends.

It also lets you create markers in places you've visited to help remember your trip journey with ease. It even offers offline maps, so you can use it while traveling without needing an internet connection!


- Find your location instantly – tap and hold any pin on the map, and it will open up the map details for that pin. You can then zoom in or out, and click to get more information about the location, such as its name, address, or phone number.- Save and share your locations easily – just tap a pin on the map, and it will open its details in the 'places' section on the left sidebar. You can then save the address or gps coordinates, and share it with a friend via email, SMS or other means.- Pull any location from the Google Maps database – simply tap on any pin on the map, and it will automatically display its name and coordinates in the location details panel on the left sidebar.- View your favorite places on the map – you can see where you've saved them, or add new ones by long tapping them.

You can also search for locations using your GPS. Then you can click on a pin to open its details, and add a label by clicking on the text field in the top-left corner and entering a label.

Specify a map image for the location mark; this is usually a relief map, but can also be a specialized type of map, such as a satellite view or an overlay. The image must have edge coordinates matching those of the map definition template.

The size of the identifying mark in pixels; the default is 8. Do not include px, for example: marksize=10.

Positioning the identifying mark to its proper position on the map; valid values are left, right, top and bottom. The default is either left or right, depending on the coordinates of the identifying mark and its position relative to the right border of the map image.the myst