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Our bedrooms are a sacred place, a personal haven. It is a place of rest, where we spend a third of our lives asleep. Spending so much of our time in our bedrooms calls for a carefully planned layout, taking careful consideration of the placement of the bed, the furnishings, the decorative elements, and in a new build, the location of the inbuilt wardrobes, walk-in-wardrobe, ensuite, or any other element you are considering. As many of us live in inner city dwellings, where space is at a prime, and we must make the best use of the space we are given, bedroom storage will become a key element to the way your bedroom functions. Free standing storage cupboards, built-ins and walk-ins then become just as important elements as the bed itself. The first consideration is, how much space do I have? Can I fit everything into the bedroom I would like to? Or will I have to make a sacrifice? Do I really need my wardrobes, a couch and a desk in the bedroom?

The bed is most likely to be the piece of furniture that will take up the most floor space, so designers now consider lifting the bed off the ground to free up floor space. This is most suited to larger, warehouse style homes where the ceilings are much higher, allowing for a mezzanine level. It is also a solution for children's rooms, where the bed does not need to be lifted as close to the ceiling. This leaves the floor space to be free for things such as desks and storage units. Keeping clothes stored away can help make a room feel more peaceful, or they can be deliberately exposed to be made a feature.

As storage is such an important consideration for a bedroom, we would like to show you some great examples of smartly planned bedrooms, or bedroom elements that exist both as a functional element to our lives, as well as a decorative one.


 As many of us live in older houses and flats, built before built-in wardrobes became commonplace, obviously we needed to furnish our bedrooms with freestanding cupboards and wardrobes to store our clothes and other bits and pieces. These beautiful timber tallboys would look great in any rustic style home, adding some country charm to an interior design world saturated with modern furnishings produced on a mass scale, and not built to last. Investing in pieces such as these will ensure your décor remains timeless in style, and you will be saving yourself money in the long run by buying quality pieces, in turn, helping the environment by not needing to replace furniture as frequently. The best part about storage such as this is they can be painted and sanded back whenever you feel a change is due.


The other alternative to freestanding storage is inbuilt wardrobes and cupboards. Here, the layout of the room is then limited to the positioning of the cupboards, so in a new build or renovation, you will need to carefully consider all elements of the bedroom before deciding where they will be installed. This bedroom has build-ins featuring hexagon shaped door handles, and decorative elements on the wall. The shapes remind us of a beehive, a place of efficiency and organisation, characteristics the designer may have been trying to portray by including these beehive shapes.

Make it larger

A built in wardrobe with mirrored doors serves just as much of a functional purpose for storage as the wardrobe above, but can add an extra illusion of space. Installing mirrors in any small room is a commonly used technique to open up the space, and give the illusion of more room.The designers of this small bedroom have chosen large paneled, sliding glass doors for the wardrobe, allowing more light to bounce around the room, conesquently, making appear larger than it really is.

Personal beside

The next storage consideration in a bedroom is the bedside units. Roselind Wilson Design is a London based interior design firm who know all too well the importance of personalising a bedroom. The bedside pictured here serves a functional purpose to store things needed close to the bed, while also being a piece of art, resembling a graffiti'd street scene. Look for a while longer and you will notice the unique gun bedside lamp, styled with a bunch of flowers; two juxtaposed decorations of brutality and peacefulness.

Feature hanger

Like exposed shelving, using freestanding clothes rails in your bedroom is a great decorating idea, as it ensures airflow through your clothes to avoid mould, and is cost effective to boot! By using exposed rails such as the one shown, you can make a decorative piece out of your clothing, and save money by skipping often expensive pieces of furniture. If you're feeling creative, why not make a clothes rack yourself? With a little research and the right tools, making a clothes rack is easier than it may first seem. They key to a clothes rack is to not overfill it, making sure your latest creation is around for years to come!

Eco friendly

At a quick glance, this room may look not too dissimilar to many others, consisting of all the elements of a normal bedroom. However, look a little closer, and you may realise the bed frame, and the square shelves it sits beside, are actually made of cardboard. Cardboard beds and other furniture has seen a rise in popularity in recent years as they are made stronger, and as people look to decrease their environmental footprint, given that most cardboard furniture is made from recycled paper, and is again 100% recyclable. Not only does it help the environment, it also looks sleek and stylish. This particular cardboard bed has a number of draws under it, perfect for storing clothes, shoes, or anything else that needs to be hidden away.

Floating bedsides

We do not often see floating shelves used as bedside units, but why is this the case? We think they look great, and add a unique aspect to your bedroom. As with built in cupboards, these shelving options are permanently attached to the wall, so carefully consider the room layout, to ensure you position the bed in the optimal place. Exposed shelving means everything that sits on them will become a decorative element, further personalising the space. 


Somewhere between a see through and covered wardrobe, the unique design of these sliding wardrobe doors are filled in at the bottom, with small holes in the top, adding an air of mystery to what may lie behind the doors.


No bedroom storage ideabook would be complete without showcasing an extravagant and luxurious walk in wardrobe fit for royalty. This modern wardrobe is large enough to store every item of clothing for both him and her, and has been designed to maximise the large space, with a number of shelves at different heights to store an assortment of clothing. Complete with dressing room couch, and ladder to access the higher shelves, the lucky owner of this space that connects bedroom to ensuite will never be without ample storage room.

See through

Another way to make bedroom storage a feature, but in an entirely different way, is to use clear glass as wardrobe doors, allowing you to lay in bed and see your closet, to contemplate what today's outfit will be. This wardrobe design is mirrored, to ensure his and her sides are equal.

Smart storage

The childrens bedroom is the ideal spot for a raised bed, as they are smaller and do not need as much head space between the bed and the ceiling. Lifting their bed off the ground will allow you to better use the floor space where the bed would normally sit, perfect for storing their clothes, toys, games, books, and other treasured belongings. Not only does a raised bed serve a functional purpose, it may also help entice kids to bed, a sometimes tedious task!

Dressing table

A classic piece of bedroom furniture, this lovely rendition of a dressing table reminds us of a bygone era, an almost forgotten time. But, with a revival in antique furniture, and people looking to move away from sleek modern design, this dressing table is the perfect place to store make-up and cosmetics, a task that in modern times moved to the bedroom. 


A perfect example of upcycling, this ex-high school locker reminds us of our teenage years, or American high school films of previous decades, which always included scenes of students chatting and gossiping in the locker halls of the stereotypical American high school. This kids bedroom features the locker, and old wooden crates, used to store stuffed animals and toys. By using upcycled goods in a child's bedroom, we are teaching them important lessons such as reusing and recycling from an early age, to ensure these practices are continued into future generations.

Under the bed

As the bed is often the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom, it is the item that takes up a large chunk of the floorspace. Naturally, if space is limited in your home, this area should be taken full advantage of. There are many ways to store items under your bed, one of which can be seen here in the form of large under-bed draws. This bed has incorporated the often unused space into the bedframe design, and chosen to have two large draws sliding out to the side to hide away things like extra blankets when not needed in warmer months. The timber of the bedframe and large wardrobe, matches nicely to the sublte use of greens, adding a natural theme to the room, to allow us to feel at ease, feeling like we may be drifting off to sleep somewhere in the woods.

How do you store your clothes etc. in your bedroom? Could it be better? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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