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The House in the Dunes

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Ralph Justus Maus Architektur Classic style dining room
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Who wants to build a home on the island of Sylt? Not only does it require the monetary means and resources, but it is also subject to extremely strict building codes. Germany's northernmost island is dominated by reed and brick architecture—and according to most, that is the way it should stay. Similarly, houses not in demand are modern Bauhaus designs, cubist forms, abundant glass, steel or wood. However, even if an architect from Sylt was to lament the lack of innovation, creativity and individuality, they can hardly complain with the plentiful amount of new dream homes being constructed on this North Sea island. Today we bring you one of those glorious homes! Straight from the portfolio of our Sylt experts, Maus Architektur, they deliver this residence that scores, not only with its magnificent location, but with its stunning views of the Sylt dunes. Check out the images below, and see for yourself what has this dream home has to offer…

Entrance side

Immediately upon first glance of this home, we are charmed by its thatched roof and brick structure. It boasts 100% North Sea style and flair. Whether large and luxurious, or small and compact—on Sylt the majority of homes follow this typical island architecture. By staying in-keeping with the surrounding architectural vernacular, the location creates a stunning environment, which gives a special charm and ambience to the villages and towns between List and Hörnum. Here the charming house nestles harmoniously into its surroundings of beach and dune plants, as well as tea leaves that have us dreaming of long beach walks and cozy evenings with a cuppa in front of the fireplace.

Garden side

The home's true greatness is revealed from the exterior of the house. The dwelling opens up with large windows to the underlying dune landscape, and gives the residents a unique view into the wide, unspoiled coastline. The south-facing windows were designed as large as permitted by the strict building codes, and assist in flooding the interior with natural light. The retracted loggia on the first floor and the large wooden deck, make the transition between the interior and exterior effortless.

Living room

As we enter the 3400 sq.ft house, which consists of eight rooms and four bathrooms, we are afforded a magnificent view of the surrounding landscape. The living room is decorated in a fresh sea blue, which suits the home's ambience, along with bright white accents and high quality craftsmanship, the home is reminiscent of a beach house on Long Island, and is perfectly situated near the North Sea. The large, comfortable seating, open fireplace, and exquisite, harmonious accessories make the room cosy, friendly and welcoming.

Open plan living

The living room flows seamlessly into the dining area, which we can see here in the background. The open, modern interior concept, and the perfect floor plan contribute a large percentage to the dreamlike atmosphere. Furthermore, as well as direct access to the south-facing loggia, the room overlooks the Lister dunes.

Dining area

Entering the stylish dining area, the fresh light blue and the bright white of the windows and interior elements compliment the surroundings, as all colours inside, can also be found outside within the dunes. The views are provided by the large windows that are located on three sides of the room, offering the perfect place to peek while dining inside.


In the bedroom on the upper floor, the interior is dominated by fresh blues and bright whites. The space is a perfect blend of hues, and together with high-quality materials is an ideal area to linger and relax. The large curved ceiling that opens up the room emphasises the airy, spacious ambience, and is stylishly sleek.

The view

To finish our tour through this divine Sylt dream home, we do not want to withhold the sights that lie beyond the interior. These views are incredible, and can be enjoyed from within the house and also from the outer regions of the property. The plot is a huge 994 square metres, with a completely undisturbed view over the picturesque dune landscape. This is a gorgeous panorama, where you are guaranteed never to tire of its beauty.

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