12 Summer Bedrooms You Will Love

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Summer bedroom styles are meant to be relaxing, calming, and a place to cool down to feel fresh as you emerge after an afternoon siesta for the evenings or rejuvenated in the mornings. A bedroom is a private place, the décor of which reflects the personal style and preference of the person. However, not everyone can afford a complete makeover of the bedroom before the summer and get ready with summer-ready bedroom décor as the winter sun warms up for summer. So, here we are with ideas with a professional touch of interior designers and decorators and amazing doable ideas. With a few tweaks and twist here and there, you can imitate to create the summer bedrooms you will love.

1. Romancing with the lighting

Bringing tranquillity to the bedroom décor through bedroom lighting makes it look and feel romantic. With extended daylight, all you need is accent lighting at the end of the day to create a bedroom you will love. Opt for the wall and soft lighting to create a calm ambiance for the perfect summer bedroom decor.

2. Be playful with the bedroom décor

Make the bedroom exciting by just throwing a few cushions with colorful covers to make it a fun place to dwell. The sharp contrast brought through the cushion’s colors in the grey-dominated modern bedroom makes it quite a youthful bedroom décor. Take a clue from here and make your bedroom playful with its decor.

3. Bring the outdoors indoors

Open up the bedroom windows and the doors to connect the bedroom with a private terrace or balcony, bringing the freshness of the outdoors inside the bedroom. You can even build a cozy seating corner to enjoy the summer sun outside the bedroom.

4. Build up an indoor garden

If you don’t have a private balcony attached to the bedroom, build up an indoor garden right inside the bedroom. Bring in planters with plants and enjoy the freshness of summer blooms in the bedroom, adding to the bedroom décor.

5. Make it minimalist, clean and airy

Declutter and spring clean the bedroom, choosing minimalist decor to make it feel relaxed, calm, and airy. It’s nice to switch to pastels or soft shades to add warmth to the bedroom and make it feel cozy and comfortable where you want to spend your days and nights.

6. Go for a floral theme

Try a floral theme through wallpaper and feel the breezy lightness of summer décor in the bedroom. The flowery article through the wallpaper, curtains, bedcovers, or even flowers in the vase stylishly announces the summer.

7. Put up the blinds

With extended daylight, dress up the windows with blinds for darkness for the afternoon siesta or undisturbed late morning sleep. Show your creativity in choosing the blinds and dress up the windows to make a statement for the summer bedroom décor.

8. Summery vibe with bed canopy

Dress up the bed with a flowy canopy to bring the summery vibe into the bedroom décor. Go for the soft summer colors when choosing the material for the canopy to make the bedroom feel cool and cozy.

9. Switch the fabric for a summer mood

Change the fabric, switch from a wintery vibe to a summer mood, and start with a bedding overhaul. Soft cotton and linen are classic summer materials when preparing the bedroom for summer. You can also change the curtains to light and breezy summer materials to create a perfect ambiance in the summer bedroom.

10. Compliment with colors and texture

Play with the colors and texture to create a peacefully vibrant bedroom décor for the summer. Opt for solid color bedding and curtains and throw in textures through the cushions and pillow covers on the bed.

11. Magical elegance of monochrome

If you are working to repaint your bedroom before summer, go for monochrome. The magical elegance of monochrome works blends perfectly to suit all weather. While it brings elegant calmness to the summer bedroom décor, it feels warm in the winter.

12. Change is the only constant

Change is the only constant, even if it is just a change for summer bedroom décor. Change the paintings on the wall to something summery, like astonishing mountain scenery or ocean and beaches painted by you or your family. Bring in the fresh bedroom plants and a bedside lamp to read till you fall asleep.

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