From Traditional to Contemporary Kitchens: All You Need to Know About The Kitchen Style

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Gone are the days when the kitchen served the sole purpose of cooking. In the modern world, the kitchen is the most happening place in the house where cooking, cleaning, gossiping, socializing, planning, well… in fact, a lot happens over food or drinks right here, the epicenter of the home. Even professional kitchen planners have shifted their focus to kitchen design and layout. They style the kitchen to enhance the elegance of the space, along with keeping an eye on the comfort and functionality of the kitchen design.

When it comes to kitchen design, each homeowner has their own preference. Some prefer the familiarity of classic traditional style, while some opt for the modernity of clean and sleek contemporary style. But what to expect when planning for a traditional or contemporary kitchen? Have a look to understand the kitchen design from traditional to contemporary kitchen and know what to expect when choosing a style for your kitchen.

From Traditional to Contemporary Kitchen: Homey Classic to Sophisticated Modern

Homey Traditional Kitchen

Think traditional kitchen; the picture that pops up is the homey feel of grandma’s kitchen. Traditional kitchen designs are a little classic and rustic, giving it a casual look and welcoming feel. The traditional kitchen is also designed to show that cooking is done here with neatly placed kitchen essentials on the open shelves and kitchen appliances on the countertop waiting to serve the purpose.

Sophisticated Contemporary Kitchen:

From Traditional to Contemporary Kitchen: Colour Pallet and Accent

Classy Traditional Kitchen Colours

White, grey, or beige dominates the traditional kitchen, accentuated by the natural shade of wood and stone. The signature style that expresses the traditional kitchen is the generous use of decorative detailing on the cabinets with handles and crown moulding. The traditional kitchen design provides a warm and elegant appeal that lasts forever in a single colour or combination with soft, muted shades.

Neutral Soft Contemporary Kitchen

Neutral tones dominate the contemporary kitchen. Warmer colours like blue, green, or grey are added to create a modern twist and striking contrast. Though all-time classic white could also dominate the contemporary kitchen, however, colours are added to accentuate the minimalist contemporary style. With their simple, sleek design and clean look, handle-free kitchen cabinets give the contemporary kitchen a modern appearance.

From Traditional to Contemporary Kitchen: The Changing faces of Materials

Natural Elegance of Traditional Kitchen

The natural elegance of wood and stone in its natural form brings the classic style to a traditional kitchen. Even in the modern world where engineered wood and stone have become popular, if it is a traditional kitchen, the material has to be natural, whether on the floor, cabinet, countertop, or backsplash. The selection of natural materials makes it an expensive kitchen.

Engineered Wonder of Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens are designed to integrate the engineered wood and stone on the cabinet, floor, worktop, and backsplash flawlessly. Using engineered materials allows experimenting with colours, style, and texture in modern or contemporary kitchen design. 

From Traditional to Contemporary Kitchen: Choosing Lighting for The Kitchen

Luxury of Elaborate Traditional Lighting

The purpose of lighting is to bring light into the kitchen. But in the traditional kitchen, lighting is also installed to add aesthetic appeal and make a statement. If it is a traditional kitchen, the lighting has to be bright and elaborate to make the kitchen décor beautiful. 

Clean and Focused Lighting in Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchen lighting fixtures are for functional purposes. It must be clean, clear, and focused, with horizontal lines or curves that blend with the kitchen décor. There is also a lot of emphasis on natural light in a contemporary kitchen. 

From Traditional to Contemporary Kitchen: From Closed to Open Kitchen Plan

Closed Design of Traditional Kitchen

Following the tradition of the kitchen serving as a room, the traditional kitchen is a closed room with a kitchen behind the door. Although the kitchen has become a part of the house in modern homes, design decorum is maintained while designing a traditional kitchen to separate it from the social space through a door or wall, marking a clear boundary for the kitchen.

Openness of Contemporary Kitchen

The contemporary kitchen is designed to blend with the open-plan social area of the modern home with nothing to hide. The modern design of the contemporary kitchen has made it an integral part of the living and dining room. 

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Which will be your kitchen, traditional or contemporary? Let us know in the comments.

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