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How to Understand Your YouTube Live Stream Viewers

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When creating a YouTube live stream, knowing how many viewers you can expect is important. This can help you determine if it’s worth your while to go live, especially when competing with others who may be getting more attention. However, there are a lot of different factors that go into determining the success of your live video, and it isn’t always easy to pinpoint why one video has more viewers than another. Luckily, there are some tools that can help you understand your YouTube live stream viewers better and make the most of your broadcasts.

The first thing you’ll want to do when planning a live stream is promote it. This can be as simple as letting your audience know on social media when and where you’ll be streaming. Alternatively, you can go further out of the box and create a trailer that entices viewers to tune in. This is a great way to build excitement and can even bring in new audiences who may not have been aware of your live streaming channel before.

Aside from promoting your video, it’s also important to have the right equipment for the job. This means a good camera that can shoot high quality video and a microphone that will pick up your voice clearly. You should also aim to get a studio space that is quiet and away from any distractions. This can help your viewers focus on the content you’re putting out there and ensure they don’t have any issues with sound quality.

Once your video has been saved on YouTube as a live stream, you can check the stream metrics to see how well it performed. This will show you the total number of watch hours as well as how many peak concurrent viewers the video has had. This is a fantastic metric to look at to see if your viewers are actively engaged with the video and can give you an idea of how popular it might be once it’s been published on YouTube as VOD.

Another metric to take note of is the Average Watch Time. This is a key metric to measure the overall performance of your video, and can help you determine how long to keep your videos to keep people interested. It’s important to remember that watching a video for 30 seconds does not count as one view, so you must try and make your video engaging from the beginning to increase this metric.

The number of New Subscribers is a great metric to track as well, as it gives you an indication of how many people are watching your videos and potentially subscribing to your channel in the process. This can be a good indicator of whether or not your videos are engaging and adding value to viewers’ lives.

This metric is particularly useful for marketers who have a goal of generating leads through their videos. This can be a goal for both service-based businesses and those who sell physical or digital products. However, it’s important to keep in mind that quantity isn’t necessarily everything – a few highly qualified leads can be more valuable than thousands of uninterested visitors. youtube live stream viewers