12 Decorative Trends That We Say Goodbye to in 2024

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Let's get ready to welcome 2024 by saying goodbye in style to some decorative trends of the past. The end of a year invites us to renew, say goodbye to what has already completed its cycle, and make way for the fresh and new, and why not a little unexpected?

I researched in depth, snooped through the secrets of interior designers and compiled twelve trends that have already served their time; it's time to let them go to make room for what's to come!

Let me polish the text a little to make it shine even more. We're about to say goodbye to these trends with style!

1. Excessive Industrial Style: Revive with Elegance

Kitchen Past-IT (Hands Made Ideas), Simona Garufi Simona Garufi Industrial style kitchen

The fervour over exposed pipes has reached a fever pitch. To freshen up the space, opt for more subtle industrial touches. Combine industrial-style lamps with natural wood furniture to create a balanced and elegant aesthetic.

2. Accent Walls: Blend Colours and Textures

Vinilos decorativos florales, Goodvinilos Goodvinilos Modern walls & floors Wall tattoos

Say goodbye to the trend of accentuating a single wall. Unify your space with a colour palette that flows harmoniously. How can you achieve it? Play with textures or incorporate decorative panels instead of highlighting a specific wall to give your space a more cohesive and attractive feel.

3. Exaggerated Animal Prints: Subtlety in Design

Zebra's gaze, Irial Irial Other spaces Aluminium/Zinc Other artistic objects

Extravagance in animal prints is giving way to a more refined aesthetic. Opt for small touches of these patterns on cushions or accessories, balancing them with soft textiles and more discreet patterns. This way, you will achieve an elegant and less overwhelming atmosphere.

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4. Excessive Wicker Furniture: Moderation is the Key

Clientes Satisfechos, Sand And Garden SA de CV Sand And Garden SA de CV Rustic style balcony, veranda & terrace Rattan/Wicker Turquoise Furniture

Excess wicker is no longer in fashion. Refresh your space by subtly incorporating a wicker chair as an accent, pairing it with cleaner-lined furniture. This moderate change will give a fresh touch without saturating your environment.

5. Bright Neon Colours: Rest in Relaxing Tones


Say goodbye to bright neon colours and hello to more relaxing tones. Experiment with pastel or neutral tones to energise things without overwhelming your senses. The softness in the palette will create a more balanced and sophisticated environment.

6. Extreme Minimalist Style: Minimalism with Warmth

Departamento Coronado 1005, San Diego (California), Weber Arquitectos Weber Arquitectos Modern style bedroom

Minimalism continues, but now with a warm touch. Integrate art or plants to bring life and personality without cluttering the space. A more balanced minimalism creates a cosy atmosphere full of character.

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7. Excess Subway Tiles: Explore New Textures


Subway tiles are losing ground. Experiment with handcrafted mosaics or tiles for a unique expression. The variety in textures will add depth and originality to your spaces.

8. Excessive Thematic Decoration: Subtlety with Thematic Touches

Remodelación de Bar Gamer TexStation en Estado de México, GA Experimental GA Experimental Commercial spaces Bars & clubs

Less is more when it comes to themed decor. Add subtle touches with key pieces or decorative elements instead of completely immersing yourself in a theme. This moderation will maintain a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere.

9. Clear Acrylic Furniture: Character in Furniture

​The Plan B Frédéric TABARY Modern study/office Plastic Desks

Clear acrylic furniture is on the decline. Opt for furniture with more character, such as solid wood or textured upholstery. This noticeable change will add depth and personality to your space.

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10. Excessive Shabby Chic Style: Maintain the Essence, Less Wear

Frutasty, Eva Arceo Interiorismo Eva Arceo Interiorismo Commercial spaces Bricks Office spaces & stores

Shabby chic evolves towards a more polished and refined aesthetic. It combines antique elements with modern touches, preserving the essence but with less wear and tear. Thus, you will achieve a harmonious fusion between vintage and contemporary.

11. Excessive Floral Wallpaper: Subtlety in the Pattern

PAPEL TAPIZ Y FOTOMURAL, Persi Line Persi Line Minimalist houses Paper Accessories & decoration

Exaggerated floral patterns are going out of style. Opt for more subtle or abstract designs for a fresh, contemporary feel on your walls. This soft yet modern choice will transform your space.

12. Excessive Industrial Lighting: Sophistication in Light

Diversificación de Colores y Acabados, Vinstral Furniture Vinstral Furniture Industrial style houses Metal Accessories & decoration

Industrial lighting gives way to more elegant options. Explore lamps with refined designs that provide sophistication without losing originality. The right light can completely transform the atmosphere of your home.

In the dynamic world of design, we say goodbye to past trends in style to welcome the freshness of change. Transforming our space is easy: from subtle adjustments to drastic changes, adapting to new aesthetics will reflect our personal evolution.

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