5 Modern Single-Storey Houses (With Plans for Even More Inspiration)

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homify is once again showing you what you can do in your home project, pointing out more clearly the most convenient path to achieve your objective and meet all your expectations. And so, when you finally consult an architect, you have very clear ideas about what you need so they can adapt and incorporate them into the final design of your home.

This article will show you five single-story houses, some very small, others with more original shapes, but all accompanied by their respective plans and some interior images to serve as inspiration. And as a bonus, discover the advantages of these houses compared to two-storey houses! Follow us on homify to enjoy all the advice!

Advantages of low-rise houses

Despite the grandeur of two-storey houses, modern single-storey houses have several advantages:

  • They are safer and more accessible for people with mobility limitations. They don't have stairs, which is the biggest advantage of modern low-rise houses. Therefore, they are easier to live in for older people with mobility issues, provide access for people in wheelchairs, and are safer for young children.
  • As they do not have stairs, floor plates, and other structures to obtain a second floor, modern ground floor houses have simpler structures, use less elaborate construction methods and do not need as strong foundations, which is why their price is lower.
  • They allow more direct and easier access to outdoor space in all rooms of the house.

1st House: Made with wooden planks, small and fabulous!

When you see a wooden clapboard house from the outside, you tend to think it is not as functional and complete as stone or cement houses, but that is not true. In this house, the most striking feature is the use of wood. It is a lighthouse, with various colours, with deck platforms made from the same type of material, applied as an extension of the social area and serving as an entrance to the other facade. A simple geometric structure, but with an interesting design in the details.

The interior is also made of wood

The ceiling, walls, and floors are made of naturally coloured wood. The wooden elements were placed longitudinally on the floor and ceiling, making the space visually larger. The sliding door window, from floor to ceiling, located at the back of this integrated housing, is made of glass, allowing natural light to enter the room and providing natural ventilation.

The house plan

As you can see, it is a complete house with two bedrooms, a bathroom, and an integrated area with a kitchen, dining room, and living room. The simplicity of this project is that the plan allows you to perceive, which shows that you don't need many square meters to have everything in perfect working order. It is a small house that anyone would love to have on the beach or in the countryside. It is easy to build, looks very beautiful, and also works very well as a T1 plan.

2nd House: A very modern house open to the garden

On the facade, you can see how the roof is suspended from the structure. This detail is a very interesting way of creating a perfect architectural project, as the structure is not hidden, accentuating the horizontality of the project. The exteriors have plenty of space and a tennis court for family use as part of the project.

The interior of the house is spacious and perfectly distributed

The house's interior has a common and integrated area where the living room, dining room, and kitchen are located. The lighting project, with lamps in ceiling channels covering the entire area of the space, is a detail that defines the circulation flow of the inhabitants, connecting the different functionalities. The rug in the living room completes the definition of this area with its modern furniture.

The plan

There are three bedrooms with a bathroom and dressing room and a master bedroom with a dressing room and bathroom. It is a very functional house with a design that leaves private areas on one side and the social area on the other. The terrace on one of the facades has a narrow swimming pool that follows the entire facade. This project is an excellent example of T3 house plans.

3rd House: Minimalist inspiration open to the patio!

This single-storey house has a basement that can be accessed by a staircase leading from the social area. This single-storey house has a very modern design with dark grey walls and a strong definition given by the white structure that marks the facade. It opens onto the garden with a swimming pool.

A peek inside

Light wood is an integral part of the colour palette chosen for the house's interior. The modern furniture is white in both the bedroom and dining room, with details in grey fabrics, which resemble the exterior colour of the walls. We see the current trend in the hanging lamps and the design features of the kitchen, which is made of wood with a grey granite top.

The plans for this house with a pool

This house has a master bedroom at one end, and at the other end, we find two bedrooms with wardrobes and bathrooms. In the central area of the house, we have the social area, which opens onto a garden with a swimming pool. It's the ideal house for a family of four, with its well-defined areas… Were you inspired? See more low-rise house plans here!

4th House: Perfect and charming!

The roof of this house has well-proportioned, hipped slopes that intersect. Its dark grey colour contrasts markedly with the white walls of the house. The surrounding land, completely green with grass, highlights the broad path that leads to the house. As for the interiors, you will appreciate them in the following photos, including the floor plan.


In this image, you can appreciate the functionality of the kitchen, with its U-shaped distribution. Its cabinets are made of natural wood, with a white countertop. The large window provides clarity and natural ventilation to the space, which is essential. This kitchen is one to copy; it has a perfect composition!

The house plan

This colour plan shows you fabric furniture in green, including beds, tables, and kitchen furniture; the closets are brown. It has two bedrooms and a full bathroom between them. We can see there is a lot of storage space in each of the rooms and hallways of the house.

Note that the entrance has some steps that bridge the difference in level between the sidewalk and the house. The kitchen is in the main facade area, with the window facing it. The bedroom has a sliding door opening onto the rear garden. The service area also connects to the back garden, with a dedicated space for housework.

5th House: A simple facade with a fabulous interior

In this house, the facade leaves no room for suspicion of what you might find inside. It is simple, with an access path made of unpolished natural wood placed directly on the dirt floor and shaded by trees on both sides. It is a construction defined by a flat roof and a frame around the facade, which includes the walls, floor and roof structure.

A view from the inside

The generous space of the social area is defined by large floor-to-ceiling windows visible on one of the side walls. The furniture and decoration, in general, are based on neutral colours. This choice includes the rug that covers the floor under the living room coffee table, but it is enriched with touches of orange and is perfect for this decor. On the wall, the texture of the stone plays an important role in the composition and covers a wall close to the outside.

The roof plan and the house plan

As we mentioned before, this house is an exceptional project, and its facade does not tell what happens inside because it is a U-shaped house with a centre. The rooms are close to the street but open to the interior garden. It can be seen in the plan. The roof plan confirms the architectural solution of this project, a perfect U, enclosing its exterior walls within the house's enclosure.

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