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From grey to grand: a drab kitchen gets some colour

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As we all know, the kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of any abode. A house can only truly become a home when it has an inspiring kitchen, allowing hearty meals to be prepared with love. And today, we will take a close look at the fascinating transformation of a drab kitchen in Lisbon, Portugal, undertaken by the talented team of architects at Oficina Preconceito. The owners of the original cramped and dreary kitchen were looking forward to it becoming a chic and functional space with a contemporary twist. And they exactly got what they wished for! Take our full photo tour to see more…

Before: a cluttered and passé kitchen

Previously, the kitchen was a cramped space where different appliances stood cluttered and stacked with each other, struggling for space. Their optimum use and functionality was definitely a big question mark. It was difficult to imagine how one could actually stand and cook in this kitchen without feeling claustrophobic! The counter was packed with odds and ends, which left no space for the chef to execute washing, chopping or other chores. The abundance of clinical whiteness was also an eyesore.

After: bright, breathable and lovely

Now, this is what we call a real makeover!  No-one would imagine that such a remarkable change was possible for the dated room we saw before. The kitchen now looks bright and airy, with a layout that offers more space for moving about and getting things done. A must-mention here is the timber countertop which adds timeless elegance to the area. The appliances and fixtures sport a streamlined look, and the kitchen leads to a cosy nook where potted greens lend a refreshing touch.

After: the beauty of an open frame

This photo depicts a stunning view of the kitchen through a wooden frame which closely hugs the counter. The rectangular frame itself looks stylish and changes the entire ambience of the kitchen. The wall separating the living room and kitchen was knocked down to create a wonderful space where guests can interact with hosts while the cooking is in progress. The washing machine, which previously cramped the place, has been moved to the bathroom leaving space for the other appliances.

After: charming functionality

What a delightful sight! From this angle, the kitchen looks warm and inviting. The timber surfaces add a cosy and colourful finish to the area, which is now neat and well organised. The appliances, as can be seen in this picture, look nicely accommodated in their designated spots, leaving room for the cook to use the counters productively. Cabinets and shelves also cater to storage needs, and the wooden wall of the counter has been fitted with provisions to organise ladles, spoons and such.

After: much more than a counter

From this vantage point, you get to admire how the kitchen blends its white interiors with timber surfaces amazingly well. The open counter can be used as an interactive spot and breakfast nook, as well as the place to enjoy a refreshing drink. A wooden crockery cupboard, a must in every home, stands right next to the counter frame and completes the look of the kitchen with panache.

After: tasteful vintage touches

This picture shows how well the space adjoining the kitchen has been refurbished with a neat and minimalistic look. The area flaunts rich wooden flooring which gives it some timeless chic. A designer rug with trendy geometric patterns in red, black and orange, combines with the quaintness of mint green stools and takes the beauty of this area to another level altogether.

It’s truly motivating how a tiny and shabby kitchen can become a cooking haven, thanks to a few structural and design tweaks, and the introduction of intriguing textures and tones. Check out another transformation story for more inspiring ideas: Before and after: a dark rental home gleams again.

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