Edinburgh home extension for traditional family home

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When you hear the words 'contemporary extension', what comes to mind? While some can be a little obnoxious, leaving a lot to be desired in terms of harmonious blending with an original property, others make the task look effortless. That's exactly what we see today.

Designed by a team of architects that clearly had a great handle on not only what was needed in terms of space, but also style, we think this is a huge success that showcases just how chic zinc can look. 

If you're ready to enjoy a little modern inspiration, join us for a closer look…

Perfectly at home

Wow! Already an impressive and incredibly beautiful home, the modern extension that's been added here has not only increased the internal space exponentially, but also made light work of upping the building's style stakes.

The grey zinc used for the structure and roof looks amazing, and so much more subtle than a black or white façade would have been. By colour matching the new patio doors, this addition already feels right at home!

Crisp finishes

You can see why zinc is becoming such a steadfast material for home extensions now, can't you? The way that it lends itself to perfect edges and contemporary shapes is just spectacular. However, what we can't help looking at is the way it works so well tonally with the wooden decking.

Blending modern and natural materials can be a challenge, but the graceful way it happened here is just lovely, creating a stunning transition into the garden

New dimensions

This new extension has opened up immense possibilities for a traditional family home. Quite literally, in fact, as with the rear façade all but removed, it was a great opportunity to embrace a little more open-plan living. What a dramatic difference it has made!

Easy, breezy transitions between sociable areas are great and, with a pared back, neutral interior design scheme, the feeling is fresh throughout. What's great is that the freshness doesn't border on cold as all the natural wood injects cosy warmth.

Taking things up a notch

What a great kitchen! The contrast between the sharp, purposeful lines of the zinc extension with the rounded cabinets and worktop looks amazing, lending a softness to the interior that makes it feel homely.

Simple, elegant and perfectly lit, we think this is a space that sees a lot of use and will have naturally become the hub of this newly modernised home. With a dining table just a stone's throw away, we bet there are some amazing dinner parties held here.

The best of both worlds

This house offers juxtapositions that simply work at every turn. On the one hand, this is a traditional home, but it also has a modern extension attached to it. While it's very open-plan, doorways help to segment the space and cordon off specific functional areas.

It really is a work of design genius. We love that you can see the living room from the kitchen, but that it hasn't been entirely brought into the same space, thus allowing for some private time when the residents want it. A beautiful combination of modernity and tradition, if you had any reservations about contemporary additions, we think they'll now be well and truly quashed!

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Does the extension blend well with the original house?

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