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Easy ways to save money when designing your kitchen

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Every house needs a kitchen, considering it’s the heart of the home. But that does not mean breaking the bank in order to enjoy a stylish and beautiful culinary space. 

From modern appliances to decent lighting, there is a host of different elements that are needed for a sufficient kitchen. But rest assured you don’t need a millionaire’s bank account to achieve one. 

Let’s take a look at some options…

1. A practical and functional layout

Regardless of how many glasses of wine you and the friends finish in the kitchen, the fact remains that it is a working space – meaning it has to be functional in addition to beautiful. And if you plan properly now, it could save you a lot more money than if you were to renovate later on to achieve a more functional layout.  

Adequate surfaces for prepping, sufficient room for moving, storage space, and an efficient work triangle (meaning the area between the fridge, oven, and sink) – all of these are important factors in planning out your culinary space. 

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2. Stick to light colours

As trends come and go, it means that even if you have the hottest commodities and layouts right now, it will be considered “over” rather quickly. And we all know how costly a renovation project can be, particularly in the kitchen with those big appliances.

So, to spare yourself (and your wallet) from an expensive kitchen makeover too often, opt for light and neutral tones in the kitchen. Whites, beiges, light greys – these are colours that can be found in all styles, but particularly in the modern one, meaning there will be one less thing for you to upgrade when it becomes time for a kitchen facelift.

3. Consider an island

The kitchen island comes with a variety of advantages, but your culinary zone will not benefit from this addition at all if it leaves a cramped kitchen. 

Nowhere is it written in stone that the island should take up half the floor space. It can be as slim, as modest, and as small as you want it to be – the main point is that it should make your kitchen work easier for you, and help in terms of prepping, storing, dining, etc. 

homify hint: A wheeled kitchen cart can be a more cost-effective option than a built-in island. It also helps with space, seeing as you can simply wheel it out of the way should you need to make room.

4. Herbs for décor

Marseille Distressed Granite Top Assembled Kitchen Island The Cotswold Company Country style kitchen Wood
The Cotswold Company

Marseille Distressed Granite Top Assembled Kitchen Island

The Cotswold Company

There is always room for a bit of décor – at least there should be, otherwise you have a major clutter problem on your hands. But regardless, let’s kill two birds with one stone, and bring in some herbs. They will serve as decorative pieces for your kitchen while also ensuring some tasty scents. 

What are our recommendations? Parsley, cilantro/coriander, reefer garlic, and oregano. These can instantly spice up your kitchen (although don’t opt to use all of them at once), and can also enhance the flavour of your dishes considerably.

5. Have a good storage system

If you need a utensil or appliance in the kitchen, you need to be able to grab it immediately. That is where a sufficient storage system comes in.

It makes sense to keep the mugs and cups near the coffee machine, right? Then use that mindset when packing your dishes, pots, and other culinary elements. 

Decide what will go where, which features to pack in the top cabinets and which ones in the bottom drawers, and you should end up with a kitchen that is most user friendly.

6. A bit of wall décor

Wall decals are so in right now, and not only for nurseries. Your kitchen walls could also do with some inspirational motivations or culinary phrases (or whatever else you deem appropriate). But who has the time (and money) to paint, and repaint, and repaint? 

Opt for vinyl stickers to add your choice wording to the kitchen walls in a flash. Then simply peel them off when you feel like a change, or decide to replace them with some other form of wall art. 

Looking for a kitchen planner? Then check out our options here on homify.

Can you add any more money saving tips for the kitchen?

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